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Donkey Kong Country - Croctopus Chase


Enemies: Chomps, Chomps Jr., Croctopus (Blue), Squidge
Bonus Rooms: 0
Animal Buddies: Enguarde
Difficulty: Average

Croctopus ChaseThe Stage

This is the stage in DKC where you'll encounter the only chasing Croctopus of the game -The Blue specie. These Croctopi can't be beaten even with the aid of your Swordfish buddy, so you have no other choice but to get away from it.

It also looks like this swimming level is different from the last swimming levels, for it have blue corals, hmm.. it must have reflected the cold condition of these waters. That may be, fortunately, your monkey is immune to hypothermia.


The stage introduces you to a squidge first hand. This annoying squid floats around these cold waters. They are slow but they can give you an equal amount of nuisance as would those upcoming Croctopi. Speaking of Croctopi, one of them is just up ahead. This croctopus will give chase as soon as you move ahead of him, so save your monkey fur and swim for your life. It'll reside in the first hole you'll find along the way. You made it? Good, that was just a practice run. Now, head to the DK barrel and bust it if you need a kong. Now, swim to the right, and watch out for a squidge. The next Croctopus chase is about to begin, and it'll start as soon as you go ahead of it, same as the usual. Move to the vertical shaft while swimming as fast as you can (Check this guide's Advance Kontrol Tactics on how to swim fast). Grab the banana bunch in the corner found along the way and vacate the spot immediately as the chasing Croctopus will rest on that very corner. Move down into another vertical shaft. And, as you descend on this shaft, watch out for another squidge, who would like to have a collision with you.

There's another Croctopus again, swim towards the next vertical shaft quickly, grab the "K" along the way, and head left at the turn of the road, as the Croctopus will reside on the top corner. Move further to the left, and get into the trail of bananas to avoid a nasty surprise from Chomps Jr.

The next Croctopus chase will be a longer one. In additional to the chase, a single squidge will attempt to block your escape by getting in the way. Avoid it, but whatever happens, don't stop. Just swim as fast as you can, and avoid the corner found along the way, as this corner is the Croctopus' home sweet home. Now, enter the Launcher Barrels to move into the next area.

At the bottom, where the Cannon Barrel sends you, swim right and press the wall to pass through. There's a DK Barrel inside and an "O" if you follow to the end of the secret path. Go back into the Barrel Cannon thereafter. The next area has an incoming shark, move down the chamber to stay clear. Next is another Croctopus chase. The road ahead is a vertical zigzag, just make sure you follow the banana trail found at the end of this path.

You made it into the Star Barrel, way to go chimp! The next Croctopus chase challenge is short but tricky. Just head upwards to the DK Barrel at the turn of the road. The next Croctopus will chase you all the way up, so make sure that you swim fast and turn right near the end of the road. Watch out now, a Chomps is on his way to chomp you. Move down quickly into the next vertical shaft. Below, another Croctopus awaits you. Turn upwards at the intersection coming up ahead, then follow the slimy enemy into the frog token. The Croctopus will most likely disappear out of sight, so now, you'll have an easy time going up.

Croctopus ChaseUp above, you're on a collision course with a shark, avoid the shark and get into the Launcher Barrels. The next area has a shark patrolling the upper field, you'll have to move down the chamber to avoid it. Now, get out of the area and move into the top corner to avoid another chomps' menacing bite. Stay in there until it clears the way, then move on.

Another Croctopus greets you hello. Move ahead to start another chase, this time, downwards in a ladder type path. The Croctopus will reside in the corner found along the way. Now, be careful of the next area, follow the banana trail and avoid the upper and lower extremes. Move straight into the DK Barrel and prepare for another Croctopus chase. Swim fast and follow the banana trail to the "N". Now, ascend slowly, another Croctopus is waiting for you, just above your kong heads. Head left, then upwards into the vertical shaft, head right, and into another vertical shaft but note of the crack in the wall to the left found along your way. Press into this wall and you'll get into a secret area, where a 1up balloon, and an Enguarde crate awaits you. Watch out for the Chomps in the bottom right though.

Now, with Enguarde, the rest of the chase would be a breeze. Get out of the secret area and move on to the right. Of course, you'll find another Croctopus along the way, but with your excellent speed, he won't be able to catch you, unless of course, if you slow down. There's another Croctopus on the way, who would resume the chase, keep going, know that the next shaft goes right, upwards, left, upwards, left, upwards, and right. Pick the banana along the way, and you can never go wrong.

Croctopus ChaseThe next area, is a squidge infested one. Make a way using Enguarde's nose. Head into the exit that's just up ahead. You'll grab the "G" along the way.