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Donkey Kong Country - Torchlight Trouble


Enemies: Klump, Krusha
Bonus Rooms: 2 (40 and 41)
Animal Buddies: Squawks
Difficulty: Average

Torchlight TroubleThe Stage

This is a cave level, but unlike any cave level, this one is dark. And, if not for your animal buddy, Squawks, who's here to help light up your way, this level could have been one of the hardest.

In addition to the hazards presented by the denizens, there are two new obstacles that you should pass alive, the Oil Drums, and the Mincers. The Mincer is a wheel of death that could really mince poor Diddy and Donkey, while the Oil Drum could toast your butt if you're not careful.


You enter a dark cave, the first thing you should do is hit the DK Barrel, and then bust Squawk's container to release your feathery friend who will provide you with light. Then, move forward and roll at Klump to put him off balance. Next, jump over the flaming Drum, and when you land, roll at another Klump, and perform an Aerial roll jump to get the "K" landing back to the land mass.

Jump over the Oil Drum and then the gap, roll under Klump, and then hop across the Drums to land on a moving land piece. Grab the "O", jump onto the next platform, and rid yourself of Klump.

Jump onto the vertical moving platform when it is at low position. Then, to transfer to the next ground and pass the Oil Drum, choose to jump when the platform you're on is at high position, after that, do an aerial roll jump over the burning drum, but watch out for another Klump, and do remember that you can't beat him with a jump attack if you're Diddy. To make another transfer to another floating platform, do the same trick as you did the last, but becareful, as this one's slightly faster. Just jump over the drum and onto the platform while it's on its way down to time it right. Your next object is to pass the drum and transfer onto another ground. You can do it with the same aerial trick that you pulled out in the previous ones.

Now, you have to leap over two Oil Drums while crossing the gap. Switch to Diddy to make it through easier. Hit the Star Barrel to save your midway progress.

Torchlight TroubleCrawl through the narrow tunnel, and hit the DK Barrel as you go through. Grab the Steel Rimmed Barrel, and fall back down to bust open the wall to Bonus Room #40!

You come out in between two Mincers, and you must head right and face a Krusha, so have DK lead the way so that you could dispose Krusha with a jump attack. Follow the banana trail to get onto the higher ground. Up there, prepare to face two Krushas, followed by a leap to an island with two Mincers at both ends. You should also know that a Krusha guards that island as well. So switch to DK, do an aerial roll jump to pass the Mincer, then crush Krusha with DK's crushing weight. Now, jump over another Mincer to get onto the next platform, well, this is easy said than done. You need to gain enough velocity to cross it unharmed, and it's best to use Diddy too. Your next move is to leap over the Mincer and onto the moving platform. Note that the platform is slow. Make sure that it's low enough before you jump onto the platform. Then, use an aerial roll jump off of this platform to get the "N".

Torchlight TroubleNext you have to jump between two Mincers, and kill a Krusha. Pick up the Steel Rimmed Barrel and go right, then jump over a moving Mincer. Of course, you need to make sure that the Mincer is at low point before jumping over. When you land at the bottom, use the barrel on the left wall to enter Bonus Room #41! The "G" is inside the Bonus room, it's hidden in the right corner. Bounce off the Klaptrap to get it. When you arrive back in the main level, just go to the exit. But, before that, hit the Exit Sign with DK's slap. You'll find something nice.