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Donkey Kong Country - Ice Age Alley


Enemies: Klaptrap, Kritter, Manky Kong, Mini-Necky, Necky
Bonus Rooms: 2 (38 and 39)
Animal Buddies: Expresso
Difficulty: Average

Ice Age AlleyThe Stage

This level has an opposite transition effect from that of Snow Barrel Blast. It's primarily compose of treacherous landscapes that are bridged by ropes.

The level of difficulty is not that hard compared to Snow Barrel Blast, but this one is a close call since it do possess some life stealing potential.


Head left from the start and knock the Mini-Necky unconscious. Smash the DK Barrel, and jump to the far left. There's a secret area in there that would earn you the "K" and an Expresso animal.

Now get on Expresso and move out of the area. Move on until you get to the area with the rope. Stop and check the ground before the rope to receive something nice. Now, ignore the Mini-Necky and fly your way pass it. There's a Kritter near the edge so get rid of it.

Ice Age AlleyNow, from the edge, fly your way to the far right until you land on a floating ground, then you may fly again to the far right and disengage yourself to jump into the Bonus Barrel (Bonus room #38). Just get Expresso from the bonus room again.

You'll land near an edge, fly your way to the right to the other edge. You'll encounter a Mini-Necky in there. Kill it, then from that point, leap and flutter towards the right as hard as you could in order to reach the next edge.

The "O" is in the gap, to get it, aerial roll towards it then jump. Of course, you need to get down from Expresso first. There's a Mini-Necky on the upper ground, and it moves up and down while spitting nuts. When it moves up, transfer and run underneath him.

Now, flutter your way to the right again, hitting the Star Barrel along the way. Then, skip the floating ground with the Klaptrap by leaping over it. The next ground has a manky kong. Fly over his head, and disengage from Expresso at the right moment to fall on his head and knock him out of the cliff. Search the area thereafter.

With that, flutter to the right, bounce on the tire found on the way, and proceed to the right again. The next few grounds is a little bit tricky to traverse because of the upslope, not only that, you also have to avoid the Klaptrap guarding the middle upslope ground. Not to mention that these grounds are very slippery too, which could usually pull you down to your doom.

You'll find a Metal keg along the way, but do not follow the banana trail to the keg, instead, while on the top ground, flutter to the right. You'll find a floating island in the air where the "N" and a bonus barrel is located. Get into the Bonus barrel to get into Bonus room #39.

You'll return to the ground out from the sky. The upslope has a manky kong on top, and he's going to send barrels rolling at you. Jump over the barrels to reach the top, and put the sad, deranged ape out of his misery.

Ice Age AlleyNow, you'll have to fly to the right again. Land on a floating island and snatch the "G" from the air, but return to the high platform. From there, fly hard to the right to fly your way pass the Manky Kong. This saves you from running into trouble. There's a floating banana bunch in a gap found along the way, watch out for the Klaptrap too who's there to greet you. With all done, make your way into the exit.