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Donkey Kong Country - Advance Kontrol Tactics

Note: This manual is for the SNES version of the game. It also applies on the GBA version, but the control defaults may be different.

Aerial Cartwheel/Roll
This is a little tricky to pull, to do this you need to run on an edge and at a split second, when you're about to fall, do a Roll or Cartwheel move, and you would be able to perform a Cartwheel (for Diddy) and Roll (for Donkey) while on the air. This will enable you to suspend on the air for a brief period of time.

Air Jump
To do an air jump, you must first do an Aerial Cartwheel/Roll Move, then follow it with a jump. You would still be able to jump even while on air.

Some objects on DKC can be carried. i.e. Barrels, Steel Barrels, etc. To carry these objects, Move to an item and Hold Y. You can still move around, and jump while carrying these items.

Barrel Toss
Simply release the object you're carrying by releasing the Y button.

Barrel Smash
You can smash the barrel you're carrying to an enemy while holding it. Simply hold the barrel and use the barrel as a shield to bump an enemy.

Ground Smash
To do this, you need to be on a high ground, then from that position, jump towards the lower ground. You can also bounce on an enemy or a tire to elevate yourself. If you're high enough, your weight will sometimes smash the ground and reveal a hidden item.

Multiple Bounce Attack
After bouncing on an enemy or tire, you can still bounce on another. There is no limit to your bounces as long as there are objects to bounce on.

Rope Climbing
While on the rope, you can move Upward or Downward with the Directional Pad. You need to Hold Up on a rope to cling on it.

Long Jump
To jump across long ground gaps, do a long jump by Holding the D. Pad + Y, then jump at the right time. You can still do a long jump even when you're carrying an object.

Barrel Ride
This tactic is only limited to Steel Barrels, simply because, Steel Barrels are the only barrels that bounces off the wall. To do this, throw a Steel Barrel on a wall, it'll bounce back, then jump on top of it.

Barrel Laying
You can put down a lifted barrel without throwing it. This should save the barrel from getting destroyed. To do this, Hold Down and release Y. TNT Barrels will still explode though.

Barrel Ride Cancel
Controlling the Steel Barrel's direction and speed is impossible once it's rolling, and may require you to Jump out of it to cancel the ride, well that way, you won't be able to retrieve the steel barrel anymore unless you give chase and catch it. However, there is a way to get it even when it's rolling. To do it, Press and Hold Y then press B. Your character will jump off the barrel but since you're holding Y, he will pick it off instantly. This may sound like a glitch but it works!

Fast Swim (Descent/Rise)
In the water stages, to descent faster than normal, press and hold Down on the D. Pad. To rise quickly, hit and hold Up on the D. Pad and hit B button rapidly.

Timed Bounce
When bouncing on a tire or an enemy, you can bounce higher by timing your bounce. To do this, you have to press B upon connecting with the tire or enemy.