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Donkey Kong Country - Orang-utan Gang


Enemies: Klaptrap, Kritter, Manky Kong, Zinger
Bonus Rooms: 5 (27, 28, 29, 30, and 31)
Animal Buddies: Expresso
Difficulty: Average

Orang-utan GangThe Stage

In this stage, you'll get acquainted to a new adversary. Surprisingly he's also a primate, but he has turned into a fiend. Base on his looks, he sure appears like a criminal ape, and as what you would expect from delinquent monkeys, they are very violent.

You should also know that this stage is packing with bonus rooms. As a matter of fact, this is the only stage in DKC that sums up a total number of five hidden rooms, and you will need to do some backtracking to find them all.

You might also notice a level transition from a melancholic to a reminiscent sunset. And again, you can see, Nintendo and Rare doing their best out of the 16 bit woodwork.


No caves, no entrance, this level is truly different from the others. You just start on top of a tree. From there, move left to find a Metal Keg, but watch out, a Zinger sporting a sting is guarding it and could really make you jump if you're not careful. After retrieving the keg, you can ride it by letting it bounce off, and the closest spot is the elevated tree top where you took the keg. Ride it for a faster trek, but pick up the keg before the "K" kong letter spot if you don't want to ride it all the way down. Use the keg to wipe the Zinger guarding the icon, and then jump over the gap. By the way, if you ride the Steel Keg, you may have missed two hidden banana bunches. One is on the tree guarded by a jumping kroc, and the second is in the edge of the land mass, both found before the "K" kong letter.

Now, make your way to the next ground. There are Klaptraps in here, and an Expresso cage. Just below Expresso's container is a hidden banana bunch. Take Expresso and move down three levels from your standing point. There's a "O" kong letter hidden on the bottom of the island, along with a banana bunch. Make short jumps to cross over the gap, but becareful not to fall into it.

Orang-utan GangNow move forward, go right to bust open the Star barrel, then move forward, kill/avoid the Klaptrap, climb on top of the next tree, and fly your way until you reach a tree with a Metal Keg on it.

On top of the next vine slope, use your flying ability to clear the next Manky Kong. Land on the next tree below and try to clear another Manky Kong, so jump over him and do another flight to land on a landform edge. Dispose of the Klaptrap and hit the other edge with DK's powerful Hand Slap to reveal another banana bunch. Now, head down to the bottom row where you can get the "N" at the very edge, and then do a shallow jump before starting your flight down to a secret area. You'll get a barrel along the way, so get off Expresso, bust the wall, get back on the ostrich, and then enter Bonus Room #27!

You'll land back on the same area where the "N" was. Go up on top, and jump on top of the tree where the very top is off screen. Now, make another flight to the LEFT as far as you can go, this should clear all of the Manky Kongs you have already passed. Head back into the area where you originally got Expresso, continue to the left and follow the Kritters till they fall down a hole, or, you can get off your ostrich buddy and roll at them. Then, jump past a Zinger. Deal with the next set of Kritters the same way as the last, and then go to the edge where a DK Barrel is located. From there, do a long flight to the left til you find Bonus Room #28! When you return, you land on a Tire on an elevated ledge. Use the Tire to get an Enguarde Token from the left patch, and then a DK Barrel from the right one.

There are two Kritters below, these Kritters are guarding something important, and that treasure can be found hidden in the midsection of that pit. Your next move is to get off from Expresso, then pick up the barrel found along the way. Allow yourself to fall directly down from the edge. Below, jump into the gap found on the way, you will land on a grounded Tire, walk to the left wall to find Bonus Room #29! When you come out, you land by the Barrel again, so pick it up, and return to the same secret area. This time, miss the gap and continue to the right till you hit a wall, which will bust wide open to reveal Bonus Room #30! Get the "G" from this room.

You reappear from the sky and fall on the grounded Tire, so jump up to the left ground, and grab the barrel, jump onto the vine slope while avoiding the incoming barrels. Then, chuck the barrel and follow it as you wipe out the last Manky Kong in this level. The barrel will continue until it hits a wall and opens another one of those secret holes (Bonus room #31).

orang-utan gangYou will pop out right by the exit. The tallest tree of this area has a banana bunch on top of it. Once you settle everything, vacate the level.