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Donkey Kong Country - Clam City


Enemies: Bitesize, Chomps, Chomps Jr., Clambo, Croctopus
Bonus Rooms: 0
Animal Buddies: Enguarde
Difficulty: Average

Clam CityThe Stage

Clam City is an underwater level that is home to clams. You can find a lot of Clambo around here, and they are eager to knock you out with their pearls.

The level is difficult if not for the help of Enguarde, however, even with your swordfish buddy, there's still a tendency for you to get hit by numerous denizens that can be found on this stage.


You begin with a Clambo shooting one diagonal pearl, trying to bait you closer with a Banana Bunch. When you move on, head up the vertical passageway, and push against the left wall to find both the "K", and our good fish buddy, Enguarde.

Head right, and you'll be right in a vertical passageway going down. It starts with a rallying Bitesize, followed by a diagonal two-pearl shooting Clambo on the right corner before you reach the bottom. Go right, and you will be in an area guarded by six Bitesizes. Be sure to get the "O" up in the roof before you move on to the next underwater cavern.

The next area has a banana bunch-guarding Clambo, the vertical passageway leading up has two diagonal dual-pearl spitting Clambo so watch out for the pearls they unleash. The top of this area has a DK Barrel in the right corner, and a Chomps Jr. guarding it.

Clam CityThe next room holds a group of Chomps Jr., so have Enguarde ready to plow the way for you to the Star Barrel. The next vertical passage has another Clambo hiding in the right corner, this one spits out straight but fast-moving pearls. Above, you'll find a 3-way straight shooter Clambo, and after this, another Clambo can be found hiding in the left corner of another vertical passageway that leads down.

Dash towards the DK Barrel found along the way. The next vertical shaft contains six patrolling Chomps. Go to the top left of the shaft to get the "N" before moving on to the right.

Clam CityThe next room has a Clambo firing multiple pearls at once, and is guarding a Winky Token hidden in the bottom hole. Pass the hail of pearls to get it. After you pass this Clambo, head to the next area.

Now, this area have three Croctopi, so don't rush your way in, instead, observe their movement pattern. Note that they move in a circular motion, so wait for them to clear the way and pass at the opportune time. Take it slowly, and surely you'll make it through.

The next room has the final "G" kong letter, but it's guarded by another multi-pearl shooting Clambo. So what? This Clambo's lame with the draw, just steal it right under his nose. Now, head to the exit, and you're outta here.