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Donkey Kong Country - Temple Tempest


Enemies: Kritter, Gnawty, Zinger
Bonus Rooms: 2 (25 and 26)
Animal Buddies: Expresso
Difficulty: Average

Temple TempestThe Stage

The Temple Tempest is a stage where you will be chased by a Gnawty. Yes.. that's right, a Gnawty. Small but terrible aren't they? And they are going to flatten you if they caught you.

The stage is all about running away, in addition, there are also obstacles that hinders your escape. This is definitely not an easy one.


Get a Gnawty to come with you to the stage entrance, then bounce on him to bounce yourself above the structure. There's a rhino icon hidden in there. You'll have to jump to reach it. Go back down and move forward, the second level of the stairway has a banana bunch in it. Traverse the gap using the rope. Make sure to position yourself lower to grab the "K" kong letter along the way.

On the next land, you have a DK Barrel, pick it up but do not bust it, instead, carry it to the right until you hit a sloped wall to enter Bonus Room #25! Also note that above the bonus room entrance, is a hidden banana bunch. In the bonus room, be sure to grab Expresso! He can help you outrun the Gnawties, and cross pit holes faster.

After the B. Room, you'll land right outside the secret hole you just entered. Use Expresso's wings to cross the next gap, and be sure to not hit the Millstone Gnawty waiting for you to pass underneath him. When you do, he gives chase, so run, and jump over the Gnawties, and then flap your wings to cross the next pit. Next, you need to run again from a Millstone Gnawty. Note that below this Gnawty is a hidden banana bunch. Run from the Gnawty and jump over the three Gnawties on the ground, and prepare for a long jump. Run and get into the edge as close as you can before jumping, and flap your wings as hard as you can in order to cross the pit and get the "O" in the air, found along the way. When you land, use the Expresso's short flight ability again to clear the three Gnawties, and then get over the wall to the Star Barrel. Whatever happens, don't stop until you get to the midpoint as the Gnawty is still in hot pursuit.

Temple TempestFrom the Star Barrel, move down to the 2nd level and shake the ground to get another banana bunch. There is also a DK Barrel in plain sight, get down from Expresso to bust it if you need a kong helper. Next, make the Kritters dizzy by hopping on their heads, but do not wander farther from Expresso or he'll disappear. An alternative to this approach is to run underneath the Kritters but either way, you have risk of losing Expresso. Now, move forward, and jump over the Millstone Gnawty and hop across the next pit, then fly over the two shallow pits in the road with a Zinger in each one. The next pit has an arrow pointing downwards to Bonus Room #26! Allow yourself to fall to the desired point.

You land on a grounded Tire, so jump onto the tall obstruction, then fly over the patch and disengage from Expresso when at the right height to release the "N". Run under or kill the Kritters, and hit the ground in between the two stairway for a banana bunch. Cross the next gap with Expresso.

On the next ground, bounce on the tire and onto a floating platform above Gnawty. It has a hidden banana bunch, but do not disengage from Expresso while on that platform or your buddy will fall into Gnawty, and you will really have a hard time retrieving him.

Temple TempestOnce the chase starts, move as fast as you can. There's a pitfall up ahead, you can either use the tires or Expresso's skill to cross. The next temple ground has a tire and a floating banana bunch in the air, then, you'll have to cross another gap that's identical to the recent one, but this has a Zinger guarding it. Gnawty will reside in the recess of the next ground, therefore you must bounce on the tire quickly, reach the floating item, and land safely on the higher level before he catches up.

The next pit has a Gnawty in it, and it will give chase as soon as you move ahead of him as per usual. The next ground has three Kritters, but you can run underneath them even without taking a pause. Whatever happens, don't stop. Cross the final pit. The "G" is somewhere under the next edge. To reach it, allow yourself to fall from the edge and hug the wall to the right. You'll land on a Barrel Cannon while grabbing the icon in the air.