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Donkey Kong Country - Trick Track Trek


Enemies: Gnawty, Klaptrap, Klump, Kritter, Krusha, Manky Kong, Mini-Necky, Necky, Zinger
Bonus Rooms: 3 (48, 49, and 50)
Animal Buddies: None
Difficulty: Hard

Trick Track TrekThe Stage

Another one of those top of the mine shaft levels, but this one plays differently. Almost all throughout the stage, you will be riding a mechanized platform through a series of dangerous plights. This is one of the hard stages since Snow Barrel Blast.


Run to the right at the start, avoiding Necky's debris, and jump onto the mechanized platform that sits waiting for you. It will move immediately upon touching it. Now, get ready to take out the Necky, and break the DK Barrel. After a little bit of a ride, a Necky will be in your travel path, so bust him up. Next, you'll meet a Necky that you can use as a stepping stone to reach a Banana bunch. Then, the next thing you'll see is a "K" that's protected by a nut-chucking Necky. Just jump to the "K" between the shots. Now you'll encounter a Necky that flies horizontally above you, so jump up when you have a good shot at killing it. On the next obstacle, if Donkey Kong's on the lead, use his Ground Slap to kill the Neckies as you near them, otherwise, you'll have to jump on them. At the bottom, watch out for a Necky that's coming your way. The track leading up has a DK Barrel at the end, hit it to get a Kong back (if you need one), and then jump between the two Neckies charging at you. Now the track will start leading down, watch out for another one coming up. After that, you'll encounter a Mini-Necky that'll spit at you, so hop his shots till you are near enough to put him down.

Three Neckies are coming up, so prepare to bounce off of them to get to the "O" high above the track.

Now you go up the track, and be sure to avoid the mini-Necky shots. Next you have to take out the two Mini-Neckies on the way down, and then finally, you reach the end of this track, where you will now roll jump under the platform to get to Bonus Room #48!

Trick Track TrekTake out the Gnawty after you land, and then bust the Star Barrel as you jump onto the next mechanized platform. A Gnawty will attack from a platform above, and then you will have to jump over a Zinger and get the DK Barrel in the process. Two more Gnawties will attack from above, followed by a pesky Mini-Necky blocking your way, and another Zinger that patrols your way.

Now, when the track reaches the point where it'll start going down, use your aerial roll jump to reach a platform with two Gnawties. Waste the beavers, and then jump into the Launcher Barrel to access Bonus Room #49!

You land right back at the start of the second track again. So, just repeat the same tactics until you reach the last part where we left off. When you reach the same section, prepare to meet a Kritter whose going to dive at you. Next, a Klump will come down to play, so play with him by crushing him with DK's weight or throw him off with Diddy's Cartwheel, and then bust the DK Barrel open if you need to. Next up, a Mini-Necky will challenge you, followed by another Klump, and a Necky that chucks nuts to guard the "N".

A Klaptrap will try to get you from above is next, and then you'll meet a Zinger that's circling around the "G", just time your jump to get it. Two Klaptraps will dive-bomb you next, and then a Manky Kong will attempt to dent your head, so dodge the barrels if you don't want to get a lump on the head. Next you'll face a horizontal flying Zinger. Evade it by jumping over it. Finally, a Krusha will attempt to get you. You can knock him out with Donkey's jump, however, if you are Diddy Kong, you have to stay on the left side of the platform to avoid him. Don't fight him if you're Diddy or you'll get thrown off from the platform.

Trick Track TrekYou have finished your trek, so jump onto the hanging platform, dodge oncoming barrels, and roll through the Manky Kong. From the Manky Kong's recent location, go down. There's a platform below which you can use to get to Bonus Room #50! Just exit the level once you return to the stage.