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Donkey Kong Country - Elevator Antics


Enemies: Klump, Mini-Necky, Slippa, Zinger
Bonus Rooms: 3 (51, 52, and 53)
Animal Buddies: None
Difficulty: Average

Elevator AnticsThe Stage

This cave level has a new installment in it - Elevators (Use for mining purposes). While it's fun to ride elevators, falling off of it could be sad. You also get to encounter a Slippa-spawning drum and some unfriendly denizens. The level difficulty isn't that pretty tough, but it could be sort of above-average for beginners who are not aware of the traps set forth by this stage.


Start off by roll jumping to grab the rope near the top of the screen, climb it, and enter Bonus Room #51! Yeah, this bonus room's easy to find.

You will land right by the high cliff of the entrance, so head right, kill the two Slippas, and then climb the next hanging rope. Jump from rope to rope to get the "K".

Take out the Mini-Necky, and the Slippa before jumping to the lower platform, where another Slippa awaits. Now crawl through the narrow tunnel, and roll attack the two Slippas before you crawl through another narrow tunnel.

Quickly jump onto the rope, and climb upwards to where you can jump onto the Mini-Necky. Now you can bust the DK Barrel if you need to, and head over to the ropes. Just watch out of the Slippa-spawning drum. It'll cease spawning enemies when you're very close to it so do make contact with it to make it stop.

Jump across the ropes when the Zinger is low on the middle rope, and fall down from the last rope to fall directly into a platform where you will be killing a Slippa. Crawl through the three narrow tunnels, and be sure to time in between the Zingers that patrol.

Now jump onto the rope. There's a patrolling Zinger on top of it so be careful not to climb very high. The second rope also has a patrolling Zinger, but it patrols at low altitude. When the bee on your rope goes down, so does the bee on the second rope. Note of this pattern as you need it to cross between ropes. To cross, wait for the bee on your rope to go up, climb up when he does then transfer to the second rope before he returns to sting you. Now, while on the 2nd rope, go up and wait for the bee on the third rope to descent then immediately transfer to the third rope and onto the top of the ceiling. It may not be visible but a bonus barrel can be found there if you head right. Get the "O" letter from the bonus room.

Elevator AnticsFrom the hidden level, you land on a Mini-Necky. Head right to hit the Star Barrel. You would be better served here to play as Donkey Kong because of the heavy hitters you will soon face.

A Klump will greet you on the lower platform, and after that, you get to ride the elevator going down. There's a banana bunch on an island near the bottom of the pit. Grab the banana and ride the elevator going up.

There's a Metal Keg on the next platform. Grab the keg, and use it on the Mini-Necky that will accost you. Then, ride the elevator going down again. This time look to the left. The "N" kong letter can be found on a short ledge.

Now jump across the elevators, and then take out the two Klumps you find on the next platform. Use the Metal Keg to clear away the Zinger, and then head up the elevator to get off and kill the two Klumps. Jump down to the lower ledge, and then head across the elevators. Time your jump to avoid the nasty Zingers. On the next platform, Klumps may hamper your way. Well, just make them fall dead.

The next set of elevators have Zingers flying on top and that's where the elevators are leading you into. You can avoid them by rolling/cartwheeling under them, but make sure there's another elevator to catch you or you will be rolling/cartwheeling to your doom. Do the same trick on the third elevator.

The next platform has another Mini-Necky, get rid of it and prepare to cross an elevator guarded by a stinging Zinger. Note the pattern of his movements and avoid him while getting into the elevator platform.

The next platform has "G" guarded by one of those pesky Mini-Neckies, this is followed by another elevator ride. At the end of the ride, is a Zinger hovering steadily on a platform. You can avoid him by jumping on the clear ground. Ride the next elevator and prepare to do an aerial roll/cartwheel at the bottom so you could transfer on the next elevator without touching the guarding bee. Your next obstacle above will be a Mini-Necky who tries hard to put you down. Put a rest to his effort and give him a break, but to do that, you need to time your bounce on the tire and pass his barrage of nuts. Otherwise, your monkey will be looking for a place to go, or worst, he could be seeing stars!

After that feat with the mini-bird, ride down the last elevator. It'll lead you a hidden ledge where a hidden cave entrance can be found (Bonus Room 53).

When you fall back, you may exit the level or reenter the Bonus Room. The Bonus Room will be refreshed with bananas and since the bonus entrance is not a barrel, you can keep on entering it.