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Donkey Kong Country - Oil Drum Alley


Enemies: Gnawty, Kritter, Manky Kong
Bonus Rooms: 4 (44, 45, 46, and 47)
Animal Buddies: Rambi
Difficulty: Average

Oil Drum AlleyThe Stage

This event takes place in a Kremling factory, those nasty lowlifes have engaged into the oil slick business and have set some drums ablaze just to stop you.

Personally, we love the background music more than anything else in this level. All you see around here is dirt everywhere, which surely reflects the Kremling's lack of sanitary control. They should be living in a swamp, wait a minute, they did came from the swamp. Ah, it figures!

This stage has one of the game's most hidden secret rooms, do you think you can find em' without our help?


At the start, go right, bounce on the Gnawty while he's still on the platform to reach the rope up on top of the screen. Once you cling on it, it'll move to the left, so take a ride buddy. When you reach the rope's final destination, jump off of it and onto the metal plate patch below on the ground to break it open and reveal a TNT Barrel. Pick that barrel up, head right, and destroy the first Drum you come in contact with. Jump into the hole to find Bonus Room #44!

You come out to face two Kritters, and right after them is a DK Barrel to replace your missing Kong if he is missing. Jump over the Drum, and kill another two Kritters who approach you. Grab the "K" as you jump over the gap, and then use the tire to get over the Drum.

Next, you see three steps, and each one has a Gnawty on it, so take care of them, and then jump down to the lower ground where a metal plate waits to be busted. It'll reveal a TNT Barrel. Use this on the wall to the left to reveal Bonus Room #45! While in the bonus room, go for the single Banana prize, which you can get by matching all the single banana icons in the barrels. Instead of a single banana, you'll get a barrel. Pick it up, run and jump towards the right wall to enter Bonus Room #46! Tricky Bonus Room, isn't it?

You will land onto a Tire. Use the tires here to bounce your way across the drums. The next area that will put your jumping skills to the test is an area with steps going down, with Drums and Gnawty acting as hurdles. Jump down on a Gnawty, bounce off of it pass the drum and onto the next Gnawty, and then onto the metal plate below to reveal a DK Barrel. Next, take out the Kritter, jump into the Launcher Barrel, and bust the metal plate to reveal a free rolling tire. Bring the tire along as you kill off various Kritters along the way. Use it to reach the "O", or, if you left it behind, just use a Kritter to bounce up unto it.

Oil Drum AlleyNext, hit the Star Barrel, and go on top of the Drum on the elevated platform, but becareful of the flame coming out of it. Wait for the flame to dissipate, then get on top, and jump onto the metal plate patch to reveal the DK Barrel.

Now, jump into the hole. Surprisingly, your buddy Rambi is in there, now go and teach the Manky Kong a lesson. You can charge at him even with the barrels hurled at you, providing that the barrel hits the horn and not the body. At the edge, wait for the Drum flame to die down, then make a crossover. Next, kill the two Kritters that challenge you.

Kill the Manky Kong found on top of a platform. If your rhino friend is still with you, charge at the right wall found at the bottom of a floating drum. Otherwise, grab the Steel Rimmed Barrel, throw it, and follow it till it breaks open Bonus Room #47! Be sure to grab the "N" from the Bonus Room!

Oil Drum AlleyYou fall down by the gap with a drum stepping stone. There's a banana bunch to the left, but you'll have to eliminate the competing Manky Kongs first. To the right is the floating drum, wait for the flame to disappear, and make your way across, but watch out for the Kritter on the next platform. While on the Kritter's platform, make a big leap to cross over the gap and the drum. Now, you'll have to cross over the next gap using the two drums. You'll have to move fast here, or the flames will torch your butt. The next platform have two Kritters on it. After that, you'll have to cross the gap using another drum. On the next platform, make a charge at the Manky Kong if you have Rambi, otherwise, dodge the Manky Kong's barrels till you have the opportunity to rid yourself of that nuisance. Now you are at the Drum stepping stone part. The Drums have a unique lighting pattern, so observe its behavior. Note when the flames stay longer, when it goes down, that's the time you make the crossing. Stay on the floating tire every time you reach one, there, plan your next move. And by the way, the drum at the very end has a different lighting pattern too, so do watch out! Once you reach the solid ground, stand on the Drum when it is not burning and jump off to hit the metal plate below to reveal the "G" buried in there. Then make your way to the exit.