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Donkey Kong Country - Snow Barrel Blast


Enemies: Klaptrap, Krusha, Necky, Gnawty, Zinger
Bonus Rooms: 3 (32, 33, and 34)
Animal Buddies: None
Difficulty: Hard

Snow Barrel BlastThe Stage

After all your achievements so far, you might say that DKC is a breeze when it comes to challenge. Well, that may be because you have conquered Average level stages thus far. But, how about the hard ones? Do you think you can win this time? Are you up for the challenge? If your answer is yes, then prepare for this one.

Snow Barrel Blast is a stage with slippery landscapes, and treacherous terrains. There's an incredibly difficult Barrel Cannon area here that will really put your patience to the test. Fortunately, there is an alternative path that would allow you to skip the dangers, but if you're really up for the challenge, then we suggest that you take the hard way, or, you can stop reading this guide right now.

This stage also has a transition effect. From the clear skies, you may experience some mild snow, and finally - a Blizzard that will make visibility poor. Now, that should add to the challenge.


You start outside an igloo, climb on top of the igloo's door and wait for the slow moving Necky to draw near so you can bounce off of it to enter the Barrel Cannon for Bonus Room #32, which is floating unseen above the igloo.

You come back out from the sky to land on a Necky. Head right and miss the barrel on the way. Get the hidden banana bunch from its right side. After that you may move into that Cannon Barrel so you can launch onto the tall ledge. Blast onto the ledge, run forward and bounce off the three Neckies to get the Red Balloon high in the air. When you land back on the ground, you'll face two Klaptraps. Next, a green Zinger guards the next two gaps, with a DK Barrel on the middle landform. Pick up the DK Barrel and smash it open into the nosy Zinger. By the way, from this point, you may have already notice the change in the weather's condition. The sky is getting dark. Don't worry though, you can still see clearly, right?

Up ahead is an incoming Necky who thinks he can surprise attack you. There's another up ahead. Get into the Cannon Barrel and shoot past a Zinger to the higher ground. Timing is crucial to make it through. Say, is it already snowing from a distance?

Up above, one Necky will greet you, and then on the downslope you face two Klaptraps. Note that these Klaptraps can climb the slope, and if you're standing on what you think is a ledge, you're in for a bite. There's a hidden banana bunch in the ground below, make DK reveal it. Up on a distance, you have to jump for the "K" as you try to enter the Cannon Barrel that will launch you to the a set of barrels. Do diagonal shots to pass this test.

Three Klaptraps will be your next obstacle, followed by a Zinger guarding a Cannon Barrel. This cannon is the start of a set of four. Note that another hyper Zinger guards the third barrel, but you can pass all the barrels with a quick shot, that is, if you know how to time right. If not, take your time and try to make a timing.

Snow Barrel BlastWhen you land on the sloped edge, immediately run to the right, or the slippery ground will pull you towards the cliff. And believe me, you won't want to be a cliffhanger if you don't have proper instruments.

A Klaptrap is on its way to bite your sorry butt. You can tell him to knock it off or you can knock him off. The second choice seems best.

Use the Metal Keg on the left wall to make it roll, then take a ride, busting the four Gnawties in the way, falling straight into the Cannon Barrel, and render the Neckies dizzy. Now, that's some awkward but effective monkey action.

Ok, now the weather's getting noticeably worse here, reducing your visibility. Head for the Cannon Barrel up ahead, then aim for the other Cannon Barrel to launch yourself straight into the Star Barrel. Upon reaching the midpoint, the weather becomes terribly worse. Good luck!

Now head left, use DK to kill the Krusha, and then dive into the pit where you see a Banana trail leading to Bonus Room #33! Be sure to get the "O" in this Bonus Room.

You land back where the Star Barrel was, and as you continue to the right, beware of the Klaptrap. You will also see a Cannon Barrel, this should get you onto the tall land structure. So, shoot for the tall ledge, and make your way down the slope to a set of small floating land islands in the air. These all have fast moving Neckies coming for you (in a tough condition like this!), so jump off their backs to get rid of them. Jump into the Barrel to launch yourself into the next Cannon Barrel. Notice the Zinger flying below? You might wonder why he's there instead of blocking your way. That is because he is trying to protect something! Shoot directly down to find some secret paths below, and go to the Launcher Barrel to enter Bonus Room #34! When going to the Bonus Room, you collect the "N". By the way, a DK barrel can be found beyond the Bonus Barrel. You can obtain a hidden banana bunch from its location.

You land in a Launcher Barrel, which puts you safely onto land where two Zingers are guarding a Cannon Barrel, which, you can use to collect a Rambi Token, that is, if you shoot directly up. Beware, this Cannon Barrel rotates quickly, and it may not be a good idea to risk it if you only have one monkey left. Next, you bounce off of the Necky, and you enter the toughest Cannon/Launcher Barrel set in the game. The easy way to do this feat is to shoot northeast or up-right. You'll fall straight into a hidden Cannon Barrel, which takes you on a different path, allowing you to past the rest of the set. You'll get the "G" along the way. This trek, however, is no challenge!

For those who want to make it hard on themselves, the following is the full instructions for this. From the barrel, shoot right, shoot down-right, shoot up-right into a Launcher Barrel. Then you shoot right past the Zinger, then shoot right past the Zinger to two Launcher Barrels. Next, you shoot right past another Zinger, shoot right, shoot right past a Zinger, and shoot right past a faster Zinger, and into a Launcher Barrel. Next the Cannon barrels start to move vertically as they rotate, so take extra care when shooting. Shoot right, shoot right past a Zinger, and shoot right past another Zinger, into three Launcher Barrels, this will also collect you the "G".

Now, you shoot up-right past a Zinger. From this barrel, shoot down-right while avoiding the same Zinger. Shoot right past a Zinger, shoot down-right past the same Zinger, shoot up-right past another Zinger, which also happens to be one of the fastest, and then shoot up-right while avoiding the same Zinger, to land on the floating ground to the right with the arrow.

Snow Barrel BlastNow head right, and jump from one narrow land island to another narrow land island, but beware of the Zinger circling the smallest one, after this, you meet up with the solid ground again. Note that this is where the shortcut takes you, well, if you had entered it. Now, just one more Klaptrap to deal with, and you are done with the level. By the way, there's also a hidden banana bunch in here, it's found in the point where the downslope meets up with the straight ground.