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Donkey Kong Country - Rope Bridge Rumble


Enemies: Army, Kritter, Zinger
Bonus Rooms: 2 (42 and 43)
Animal Buddies: Winky
Difficulty: Average

Rope Bridge RumbleThe Stage

An icy version of the tree top town. The trees as you can see are covered with snow, fortunately, it's not slippery like the previous ice covered stages.

Here, your tire bouncing skill will be put to the test. Are you ready?


Grab the DK Barrel to start, and head right towards a Kritter, use the barrel if you wish. Now, when you arrive at the spot with a gap and two stationary tires on each edge, jump into the gap and make sure you land correctly in the center, in between the edges. There's a secret barrel in there, which will catapult you into Bonus Room #42! Be sure to grab Winky in this Bonus Room. This will make your task easier.

When you return, use Winky to kill the Zinger guarding the "K". Next, jump onto the platform, move on, jump onto the Zinger to knock it off. Head right and knock another Zinger that's circling the grounded Tire, and land on the next platform. Kill or avoid the next enemy, and then use the grounded Tire to get to the high platform. Jump and bounce off on the next Zinger, and then cross over the gap into the next platform. Use the four grounded Tires to bounce your way across, but do watch out for the Zingers guarding some of it. Continue to the right and you'll find the Star Barrel.

Rope Bridge RumbleKill the Kritter, and use an aerial roll jump to get the "O", of course, you will need to get off Winky to do so.

Next up, use the grounded Tire to get to the moving platform, and collect the Bananas in the air. After that, continue on your progress. Jump onto the Kritters to clear the spot. Do an aerial roll jump to get the floating banana bunch. Now, move on and get onto another moving platform and use the tire on it to get the "N" kong letter.

Go to the next edge, and jump onto the moving platform with a Tire, and time you jumps to clear a Zinger before you can get to the small stationary land with a DK Barrel on it. Now you have to use another moving platform with a Tire on it to get past two Zingers. Fortunately, with Winky's help, these Zingers can be put out of commission so they cannot bother you. Now, move onto the next platform. Dispose of the naughty Kritters along the way, and use the aerial roll jump trick to get the "G" from the gap. Now, move forward to enter another area with moving platforms. On the second moving platform, use the tire on it to bounce into the single banana in the air that can be found along the way. It marks Bonus Room #43!

Rope Bridge RumbleWhen you come out, you'll fall onto the tree with an Army. Dispose this lowlife. Use the moving platform with the Tire on it to clear three Zingers piled on top of one another, or, with Winky, you can stomp them like cockroaches. Then, all you need to do is exit the stage.