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Donkey Kong Country - Slipslide Ride


Enemies: Army, Klaptrap, Kritter, Necky, Zinger
Bonus Rooms: 3 (35, 36, and 37)
Animal Buddies: None
Difficulty: Average

Slipslide RideThe Stage

This type of stage only appears once in the entire game and is one of the stages that has a spectacular scenery. It takes place inside an icy cavern filled with ice crystals that glitters magnificently, illuminating the icy complex. This is also the only stage that has a unique kind of ropes; a teal-colored rope that automatically pulls you up, and a purple-colored rope that automatically pulls you down. Prepare yourself for a slippery adventure.


From the cave entrance hole, move to the right and you'll see a teal rope hanging up in the air, keep moving right, and you'll encounter some hopping Kremlings. Bait them closer to the hanging rope's spot, and hop on one of them to bounce yourself into the rope. It'll pull you into a series of bananas and into a secret area where a barrel conveniently settles on the ground. Use the barrel to break the wall to the left and reveal the entrance to Bonus room #35.

You come out directly from the same secret hole. By the way, there's a secret teal-colored Barrel just above your head. It looks kind of strange too. If you have DK, you can enter this barrel for a shortcut, unfortunately, you'll miss the remaining bonus rooms that way, so, we suggest that you ignore this barrel.

Jump your way down to the bottom, knock the Kritters, head to the right, and grab the teal rope so it can pull you up.

Above is a DK Barrel, you may bust it open now or you may use it on the Army up ahead. Climb onto the teal rope found in the distance. The "K" kong letter is stationed in the gap of the ceiling. Use the rope to reach it. Transfer to the icy ground, and grab onto the purple rope to send yourself downwards. And as the rope pulls you down, jump in-between the Zingers, and into a small balcony. Now it's time to move down, but do keep the Barrel. Jump over the Zinger, and smash the barrel on the wall to the left to reveal another secret hole (Bonus room 36).

You return to the level through the same hole. And as you go right, an Army will accost you. Switch to DK for a one-bounce kill. Next, you need to jump onto the teal rope, high enough so that the hovering Zinger won't be able to sting you at the edge of the rope. Up above, there's another Zinger guarding the edge, jump over it. Now, there are two teal ropes here, take the left rope first, then after passing a Zinger, transfer to the right, then after passing another Zinger, take the left rope again. There's a DK barrel in the right corner above. Continue on your progress. You'll encounter a flying Necky in the way, bounce on this Necky to acquire the floating banana bunch in the air, then head down into the small gap.

You'll face an Army below, he's also guarding a banana bunch hidden in the ground where he originally settles. Jump into the purple rope, but remember that it'll pull you down, so jump as high as you can so you may not fall on the Zinger that's hovering at the edge of the rope. Another tactic is to do an aerial roll, then followed by a jump. Transfer to the next ground as soon as you can make contact with the rope.

The ground you are on right now has two Kritters hidden by the camera below. Bounce on these two rascals to send them falling out of the screen.

The next set of ropes are composed of teal and purple ropes with a Zinger guarding their edges. The first rope will pull you down, the second will pull you up, and the third will pull you down. Ride the first rope and allow it pull you down closer to the Zinger, then immediately transfer to the second and third ropes as quickly as you can until you reach the ground on the other side. Touch the Star Barrel and you're done with the first half of the stage.

Slipslide RideThe ground with the Star Barrel has a Klaptrap near the next rope. Make him sleep with your bounce attack, then, grab the teal rope to slide your way upwards.

There's an upslope up above with another Klaptrap, dispose of the fiend and get into the Launcher Barrel to rocket your way to the tall ledge. Notice the patch on the ground and the rope hanging above your head. Invite a Kritter to dance with you in the spot, and bounce on his head to reach the rope, which will pull you up into a secret area, where the "O" and two banana bunches sits pretty in a corner. After getting the items, jump off and aim for the patch below. It's directly below the teal rope. The patch will reveal an Enguarde Animal Token.

Now, move on, only to meet Klaptraps on the way. They are not much of a threat, just get rid of them. Then, jump onto the teal ropes dead ahead, be warned though, there are Zingers above each rope. To avoid the deadly sting of these insects, transfer from one rope to another as quickly as possible, or, as soon as you can grab the bananas hanging on these ropes, they mark your jumping point. On the last rope, jump over the previous rope's Zinger and onto the rope itself instead of bouncing on the Necky. The second to the last rope will pull you directly into a secret barrel (bonus room no.37).

From the bonus room, you'll be launched directly onto a ground. There are two ropes present on this ground. The rope found further right has three fast Zingers guarding the way up. They are assembled in a certain order though. To pass them unscathed, wait for the bottom Zinger (the one that's visible) to move closer to the utmost left of its rally point, then jump onto the rope. You'll pass the first and the second but may get caught in the third, so you may have to jump out of the rope to avoid the third bee. Don't worry, there's a DK barrel on the right corner up above, so there's no problem with losing a monkey since you can regain it with the DK Barrel. Up above, you'll find the "N" along with two banana bunches and a DK Barrel. We also suggest that you smash the DK Barrel on one of the two bees guarding the passage to the left, this is so that you can make a way out of it, and cross to the other side without returning to the bottom only so you could transfer to the other rope.

In the next ground, you'll face two Klaptraps, then you'll have to climb on another rope that's guarded by a Zinger. You know the drills. Just avoid it! The platform above holds a secret banana bunch. Slap it with DK's powerful big hands.

The next set of ropes will pull you down. Do an aerial roll, plus jump to grab the higher portion of the rope. The two bananas mark your jumping point, with the last piece as the signal to jump to the next rope. Follow the bananas, and you can safely cross from one rope to another. The last rope will suddenly move but don't be afraid, it'll simply take you closer to the next platform.

Slipslide RideOk, now, one more purple rope with a bee, and you'll be on a ground with an arrow sign. There is a banana bunch on this floating ground too. Up ahead, you can find two purple ropes. To climb them, transfer from one rope to another while trying to reach the top. Hold the UP button to climb while jumping from one rope to another to avoid the rope's pulling force. Eventually, you'll reach your destination. Above, there's another purple rope with a bee at the bottom. Make sure you grab the higher part of this rope, then move onto the safe ground as quickly as you can. On this ground, there's another purple rope, and above it is the "G", your final letter to spell out the word "KONG". To reach it, you have to climb the purple rope with the same engage-disengage tactic that you used on the previous two purple ropes, only this time, you'll have to stick with one.

As you finally approach the exit, you'll find another purple ropes. These seem useless though so ignore it and head for the exit.