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Donkey Kong Country - Tree Top Town


Enemies: Gnawty, Kritter, Necky, Zinger
Bonus Rooms: 2 (21 and 22)
Animal Buddies: None
Difficulty: Average

Tree Top TownThe Stage

At first, you may mistake this stage for an Ewoks village, well it do have some similarities. It's a nice place, with plenty of action, and it involves a lot with Barrel Cannons.

You start with simple, slow motion Barrels, but as you progress, you'll encounter some really tricky Barrel Cannons, that if you're not careful, could land you somewhere else.


Let's start from the doorway, check the edge to the left for a hidden bunch. Not only that, you'll also find a mysterious Barrel Cannon that looks like a Bonus Barrel. Well, it is a bonus barrel (Bonus room 21), silly! There's a Gnawty in here who's willing to help you get into the Barrel. He shouldn't be hard to find. Use the Gnawty to bounce on and do switch to Diddy to bounce higher.

From the bonus room, you'll land straight into a Barrel Cannon. Aim for the DK Barrel to get to the next tree. On this tree, is a Gnawty, help him rid of his pathetic existence, and jump into the Barrel up ahead. Transfer from barrel to barrel. This is basic, pretty much similar to the Barrel Cannon Canyon.

The next tree have some Gnawties on it. They drop from above as you cross the bridge. Then, you'll be right at the Bareel Cannons again. This time, you'll have to do it vertically. No problem, right?

After the Barrels, you're once again back on the trees. Snatch the "K" kong letter as you transfer to another tree, then slap the left edge to get another bunch of bananas. Oh, watch out for the Gnawties too.

Tree Top TownThe next barrel trek involves slanting motion. A lil bit tricky but you can get easily accustomed to this one. Aim the last barrel at the Star Barrel. Congratulations, you've made it to the halfway point of the stage.

Next to the Star Barrel is a Vine-rimmed barrel. We don't exactly know what it's for but smashing it on the annoying Kritter seems to serve its purpose.

By the way, the "O" is up in the air, along the way. Get into the Barrel Cannon to get into the floating barrel, and fire when the "O" is in your range.

Becareful with the next set of Barrel Cannons. Getting into it earlier could send you sky rocketing to oblivion. Note that all are "Blast type" Barrel Cannons, meaning, you can't control them as they'll blast you instantly upon entering. So to avoid the former, you have to observe the 2nd barrel, calculate its speed and distance. Enter the 1st barrel when the 2nd barrel's almost in its trajectory. Well, actually, there's another way, but it's also risky. You can directly jump into the 2nd barrel, you just have to make sure that you don't miss it.

After this area is another tree, hit the middle of this tree with a slap to reveal a banana bunch. Now, this tree is followed by another set of barrels. It's almost the same as the last one, but it's arranged in a different manner. Once you get into the last barrel, aim at the single banana below the platform. It'll get you to bonus room 22, where an "N" could be found.

From the bonus room, you'll fall directly on a Gnawty and squash him. Get into the barrel, and prepare for another tricky blast. This time, it's positioned horizontally. Your target is the top Barrel Cannon. To do it, fire when the horizontal cannon is almost aligned to your target barrel. We also suggest that you wait for the horizontal one to move towards your cannon, so that in case you miss the target, you could roll back into the source by pressing and holding Left. If you succeed on this one, you'll be launched into another set that's inversely proportioned to the last one. This time, your target is the bottom cannon, and you can't afford to miss. However, you shouldn't worry too much, as there's a secret cannon below that would send you back to the previous set in case you miss the shot.

The next tree has a steel-rimmed barrel, its purpose? To throw the Kritters off the bridge! To the far right is another trap barrel. We call it a trap because if you jump into it earlier, you'll be nowhere to be found. Jump into the barrel only when the 3rd barrel's (the moving barrel) almost at the mouth of the 2nd (top barrel). After that, aim for the "Blast" Cannon Barrel to send yourself into another tree. And from this tree, move into another set of barrels. These barrels seems a bit faster, so time your launch well. At the last barrel, you can aim at the vulture, or, launch when the barrel is at the top of the screen. Then, bounce on the vulture to get the "G" kong letter.

Tree Top TownAlong the way, is a Zinger and on top of it is an animal token. You can get the token with an aerial roll/cartwheel, plus aerial jump.

Before entering the tree, check the platform. A hidden banana bunch is marked by a huge log background.