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Donkey Kong Country - Vulture Culture


Enemies: Mini-Necky, Necky, Zinger
Bonus Rooms: 3 (18, 19, and 20)
Animal Buddies: None
Difficulty: Average

Vulture CultureThe Stage

Vulture Culture is a gorgeous forest paradise, however, it's infested with Neckies and killer bees. The breathtaking flora, and the pesky fauna will surely balance your liking, however, no one can deny the fact that this is one of the stages that presents splendid 3D workthingys. The background music also reflects to the solemness of the place. Anyway, enough of that!

This level is rated Average because of the danger it presents. The level is not your typical playground. And those who hasn't yet fully understood the schematics of the art of bouncing, would most likely find themselves landing on the wrong place at the wrong time.

In this level, one must know how to read the signs (you'll know what we mean). All the things here serve a purpose, and you must use more than skills to utilize them. Well, it's like saying, you need to use your brains as well if you expect to pass this stage.


From kong's tree, pick up the steel-rimmed barrel and toss it on the mini-necky, then jump into the Barrel Cannon, and fire your way towards the Necky and into the land mass. On this land mass, is a hidden banana bunch found near the other edge. Your next move is to jump into the Barrel Cannon, which will launch you into another Barrel Cannon. Now, look at the trail of bananas, does it mean something? Well, it does! Wait for the Necky to go near the Barrel's mouth before firing, doing this will not only kill the Necky, but will also allow you to grab the bananas, and land on the ground safely.

Pass underneath the nut-throwing Necky bird while avoiding his nuts, and jump onto his platform, use DK to slap him silly. Now, use the tire to bounce and land on the strange looking ground, which is actually one of those patches. It'll reveal the "K" kong letter. Now, move the tire to the right edge. See, the bananas? It actually points the way to the bonus barrel. Bounce on the tire to reach the hidden barrel (Bonus room #18).

You'll land near a barrel, it's purpose? To destroy the mini-necky up ahead. Observe the ground as well, there is a step where there are no bananas unlike the rest. Slap it to reveal its secret. Up ahead is another Cannon Barrel. Fire on the Necky, but this time, you'll have to bounce on another Necky to make it to the next ground.

The next land mass has a mini-necky on it. Bounce on its head to knock it senseless, and head for the Cannon Barrel. Now, the flying Neckies on the way are not put there for no apparent reason. Their purpose is to serve as your stepping stone. Fire when both Neckies are on your range to bounce on both of them. Missing one of these important Neckies may spell instant death.

If you successfully bounce on the Neckies, you'll make it to another land mass with a mini-necky. Bounce on the mini-necky, and land on the patch to reveal a barrel. Smash the barrel on the wall to reveal a secret hole (Bonus room #19).

Vulture CultureYou'll land into a Cannon Barrel, fire and bounce your way to a series of Neckies to reach a land mass, and next to it is the half point. Use the Cannon Barrel to reach the Star Barrel.

After touching the Star Barrel, wait for the barrel to tilt right before firing. It'll launch you to another land mass where you'll find two Neckies on top of an unreachable platforms. Avoid their nuts as you move on. Before you leave this land mass, also check the ground with DK's Hand Slap, there is a hidden item after the second tall ledge.

Jump into a Cannon Barrel, launch yourself to the right and into another Cannon Barrel. Launch to the right again, and you'll be on yet, another land mass. Slap the edge of this piece of land to get an item. Dispatch the young bird and move on. Grab the "O" kong letter along the way.

Get into the Cannon Barrel and blast onto the Necky birds. Make an attempt to reach the next ground. Use the barrel on the mini-neckies and slap the wall to the left. Move into another Cannon Barrel and time your launch. Wait for the Necky bird to position to the right of the Zinger before launching. You'll find yourself into another land mass, and next to it is a series of tilting Cannon Barrels. Avoid the Zinger along the way.

Vulture CultureThe next land mass has a patch, and a platform with a nut-throwing nut at the top. Watch out! This Necky throws at 3 directions. Observe his pattern of attack to avoid his nuts while attempting to climb onto his level. Dispatch him, and jump on the patch below. Get the barrel, and smash it on the wall of the platform where the ex-necky recently stood (Bonus room 20). The "N" should be inside the bonus room.

You'll land on top of a mini-necky and automatically knock it. Head right and into the Cannon Barrel. Do not launch when the bees' are near your barrel. Move from barrel to barrel until you reach the bee-guarded ones. Time your launch to make it through the center between the bees. You'll get the "G" along the way.

The final land mass has a mini-necky guarding the edge, fire yourself into him when he's not spitting nuts, and check his place for a hidden item. Now, follow the trail of bananas into the exit. Another job well done!