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Donkey Kong Country - Barrel Cannon Canyon


Enemies: Kritter, Zinger
Bonus Rooms: 2 (8 and 9)
Animal Buddies: None
Difficulty: Easy

Barrel Cannon CanyonThe Stage

There are only two types of enemies in this stage, the Kritter and the Zinger, but these are enough to cause you problems. The hopping Kritters are annoying, and the Zingers, although they don't attack, impedes your progress by getting in the way, and we do mean it literally.

The stage itself poses danger, most of your travels here will be through Barrel Cannons, and you have to brave all the obstacles to pass this one.


You have two paths in this level, the shortcut and the narrow road. Taking the shortcut will allow you to pass most of the dangers of this stage, however, you will miss most of the goodies, while the narrow one will put your skills to the test, but will reward you with plenty of items.

For the shortcut, always take the high road to discover hidden Barrel Cannons. These will launch you to safety. Now let's begin your adventure..

We start from the cave. If you climb on top of the cave, you'll find one of those launching barrels. It will catapult you on top of a tree where you'll find another one of the Cannon Barrels. Using it will make you miss the items on the ground though so let's use the ground route. From the cave, move out and kill the Kritters with a Roll/Cartwheel or a Jump attack, move into the Barrel to launch yourself upwards. You can get the "K" on your way up. While on the air, control your descent so you may fall on the patch below. It contains a DK Barrel. Take the low road, and move near the edge of the platform you're on, there's a hidden banana bunch in the ground. Your next move is to perform an Aerial Roll/Cartwheel, and jump with Diddy or Donkey to reach a secret ground at the far right. Move into the barrel to launch yourself back into the high ground while taking the Winky token along the way. Now, enter another launcher barrel to launch yourself to the next ground up ahead. The next area has some Kritters on it. Dispose these reptiles. The next piece of ground has another Kremling guarding a ledge. Bounce on it then move down from the ledge and head left. Use Donkey's Hand Slap to reveal a banana bunch hidden near that ledge and get a move on. Now, you've reached the place where another Barrel Cannon can be found on another ledge. Enter the Cannon, and blast into the floating one up above. It will allow you to grab those unreachable floating bananas. After grabbing all the bananas, propel yourself back to the ground. Now move into the floating barrel cannon by the far end. These barrels will move, but in a slow motion. Time your launch by aiming at the mouth of another barrel cannon. Keep this up until you have successfully crossed over to the other end.

Barrel Cannon CanyonMove on until you reach the spot with the three jumping Kritters. Use a Kritter to bounce on top of the tree. Reveal a Banana bunch with Donkey's powerful hand slap. By the way, the 3 Kritters below are also guarding a hidden banana bunch. Now, move on top of another tree to get the Rambi token, there you'll also find another one of the shortcut barrels. Assuming we take the low route, move to the far end and get into the Cannon Barrels. Don't worry, they still move slow, so it's easy to time your launch. You'll get the "O" in either of the routes. When you arrive at the first of the final three barrels. Miss the Barrel Cannon to hit the wall and break it open into Bonus room #8.

You will continue near the Star Barrel. Search the ground here for another banana bunch. It's near the jumping Kritter. Now, touch the midpoint barrel. The following area is composed of a series of up and down grounds infested with jumping Kritters. There's a hidden banana bunch on the spot of the first, third, and fourth Kritter. A secret hole (bonus room 9) can be revealed by smashing a barrel to the left wall of the ledge where the third Kritter stood.

You continue in the spot with the TNT Barrel. Use the TNT barrel to blast the Kritter to kingdom come and get a move on. Cross over to the next ground. There are two jumping Kritters in here and a barrel cannon in between. A banana bunch is hidden just below the barrel cannon. Another shortcut barrel is hidden on top of the tree to the left. This time, we suggest taking the shortcut to save you the trouble that's just up ahead. To reach the treetop, get into the barrel and time your launch in such a way that you avoid the floating barrel and bounce on top of the head of the Kritter. Make sure that the Kritter had jump high enough. The floating barrel that you avoided ought to launch you to a patch hiding the "N", but you can still obtain the "N" using the shortcut.

Barrel Cannon CanyonThe shortcut has just save you from a series of obstacles that's harder than the previous ones. It made you skip a series of barrel cannons that offer nothing but a chance of getting acquainted with death. The shortcut barrel will land you on top of a tree where another bunch of bananas is hidden. The ground below has some enemies but they are not difficult to dispose of. Make sure to check the ground too for a bunch of bananas. The hump indicates its position. Now go into the exit point, but do not enter yet, instead, climb onto the treetops, to find the final "G" kong letter. Slap the double tree to reveal another banana bunch, and you're outta here.