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Donkey Kong Country - Coral Capers


Enemies: Bitesize, Chomps, Chomps Jr., Clambo, Croctopus (Purple)
Bonus Rooms: 0
Animal Buddies: Enguarde (x2)
Difficulty: Very Easy

Coral CapersThe Stage

The underwater theme of this level is perfect for the environment, and the background illuminates the solemnness and tranquility of the bottom floor. This is one marvelous stage.

Coral Capers is a cakewalk. However don't underestimate this stage's level of surprise. Swimming recklessly on this waters could sometimes be dangerous as some enemies here are concealed by the camera. Fortunately, you have help from your animal buddy - Enguarde. He's going to make this level very easy for you, not only that, he also appears twice, and that will give you more than enough chances to conquer this level.


You start at the bottom left, and you will see some bananas. Collect them as you move forward but watch out for the incoming bitesize up ahead. Remember, this is a water level and your infamous attacks can't be pulled out, so you better avoid these denizens. As you move on, destroy the DK Barrel to get your buddy, but if you already have him, avoid, so you may save it for later. Return to your progress, go up the vertical shaft, and keep going up even when you reach the right turn. You will be rewarded with the "K" kong letter.

Now head to the right, but don't rush, a Croctopus is on the other side, and when he starts his clockwise rotation, let him go by, and then go to the bottom route. Move to the solo banana, and hold DOWN to sink faster through an illusion wall. Your reward are lots of delicious Bananas! Come back through the same route when the Croctopus passes by again. Next, go through the right path, and swim towards the bottom. You won't miss seeing a group of bananas forming an arrow that points downward. Follow the direction to get Enguarde, who's found inside a crate. Now, you can stab the baddies. Go up into the next Croctopus section, and immediately go to the upper right to grab the Red Balloon. Once you got the balloon, go back downwards again as the Croctopus may be heading your way. Let the Croctopus pass and go left and up towards the path with a DK Barrel. By the way, you cannot kill Croctopus so don't charge it.

Now, move on, following the trail of bananas, and into an area with the two bitesizes. Kill/avoid these fishes and move forward. Touch the Star barrel and move upwards, but watch out for the Chomps Jr. that's guarding the "O", banana bunch, and banana. Now move down, following the banana arrow. But, once again, don't rush or you're in for a nasty surprise from the Croctopus. By the way, in this same area, another Enguarde crate can be found in the bottom right. Now get a move on towards the next area, kill/avoid the Chomps Jr. and move upwards.

Coral CapersSlow down on your way up, a Chomps is hidden by the camera. Kill the big fish, and move to the right corner of his rally point. Surprise! Another one of those magical walls. It hides bananas, and an Expresso token. Move up to the Expresso token to get it then head to the upper left to pass through another false wall that's guarded by another Chomps.

Now move on, and upwards of the vertical shaft until you reach its very end where the "N" kong letter is hidden. Now move down, and right towards another area. You can speed up a little in here, but not so fast or you might end up getting hit by the denizens.

Coral CapersFinally, the final kong letter "G" can be found near the exit. It's guarded by a Croctopus that moves in an "8" pattern. Observe his movements and steal the "G" right under his nose. Now, there is nothing left to do but to exit the stage, so, what are you waiting for? Dash to the exit!