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Donkey Kong Country - Reptile Rumble


Enemies: Kritter, Slippa, Zinger
Bonus Rooms: 3 (5, 6, and 7)
Animal Buddies: None
Difficulty: Easy

Reptile RumbleThe Stage

This is the first of the many cave levels you'll encounter in the game. This stage could have been rated very easy if not for those annoying critters that you'll find in this cave. The Kritter seems to have gained a level and can now hop around, putting your jump attack to the test. The annoying slippa (a new adversary) don't prove any challenge, but the Zingers do. These wasps have a pattern of movement that you'll need to observe in order to pass them.

Another new installation that has been added to this stage are the tires, they are easy to learn though.


You enter the cave, then throw the barrel at Slippa, check the middle of Slippa's nest with Donkey's Hand Slap. Now move, get the DK barrel and smash it, next, pick up the steel-rimmed barrel, throw it on the hopping Kritters while following it. It should smash into a wall and reveal a secret hole (Bonus room #5). Before you enter, check the flat ground surface for a hidden bunch of bananas, and get the "K" kong letter along the way.

After the bonus room, you return to the level after blasting through a wall, hitting a Kritter, and perfectly land on a tire. But before moving on, check the lump on the ground to the left with Donkey's Hand Slap.

Now move on and you'll find another fixed tire along the way. Bounce yourself to the higher ground, slap the middle of that ground, then move to the left edge to find a Cannon Barrel. This will launch you to Bonus room #6.

Reptile RumbleFrom the bonus room, you'll land on the same platform. Now move and dispose of the Kritters along the way, and make sure to check the last step as it holds something. Move on, bounce on the tire to get to the next ground. There are Zingers along the way, both guarding a bunch of bananas. These wasps move up and down so wait for them to move up before getting the items. Now grab the "O" kong letter and bounce your way to safety.

Now, crawl your way to a series of bananas, then bounce on the tire to move to the high ground. Hit the middle of that ground, then touch the Star Barrel. Now, move down from the higher ground, but watch out of the slippas who may be crawling on the ground below. Move into the tires and avoid a Hyper Zinger by bouncing towards the "N". The Zinger's guarding a hidden bunch of bananas in his platform but don't bother taking it as you'll more likely get yourself hit. Now move onto the next ground, and bounce on another tire to reach the higher ground. Smash the DK barrel, and slap the middle portion of that ground. Pick the barrel and move down from the platform. You'll find two slippas on the lower ground. They seem to be guarding something and they are. Throw the barrel on them and follow it. It'll go straight into the wall and smash it open (Bonus room #7).

From the bonus room exit point, move on. You'll find a Zinger guarding a hole. Time your bounce right to bounce pass. Next, crawl through the small gap and you will be in an area with the jumping Kritters. Bounce on the Kritters to get Enguarde's token, now crawl out of that area.

Reptile RumbleYou'll find more slippas on the next area. Ignore the tire, and kill all the slippas, and check the lumps on the ground. Now, move to a series of tires and bounce all the way up, disposing the Kritters on your way while grabbing the "G" letter. Slap the last step, and move out of the cave.