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Donkey Kong Country - Bouncy Bonanza


Enemies: Kritter, Zinger
Bonus Rooms: 2 (11 and 12)
Animal Buddies: Winky
Difficulty: Easy

Bouncy BonanzaThe Stage

This dark cave packs with annoying denizens. It has a slightly elevated challenge compared to the Kongo jungle cave level. And unlike the first cave level, it's not easy to make a speed run here, unless, you're already a skilled DKC player. Oh, Winky's here to help you too, find him and you'll have no problem with the pesky Zingers.


You start in the cave entrance, and look who's there to challenge your jumping ability? Give him a sample. On a distance, is a killer bee guarding a tire, well actually, it's not just the tire. There's also the secret item in that ground. Now, you may wonder why there's a tire in here. What for? Well, if you bring it to the cave entrance and bounce on it, you'll find the answer. After getting the secret item, head to the area guarded by two crazed Kritters. There's the "K" floating in the air, below it are bananas, and another bunch of bananas hidden in the ground. The next area is guarded by a Zinger, steal the bananas when the Zinger's away. Next, pick the barrel that's just up ahead. Then, follow the trail of bananas, bounce on the tires to get the DK Barrel, and move to the area that's guarded by two Zingers. Don't throw the Barrel yet, instead, move into the lower ground and smash the barrel into the right wall. There's also a hidden item in the ground, get it before proceeding to Bonus room #11.

From the bonus room, you'll perform one of those stunts you made in the previous cave level. Note that if you go back to the hump, you can obtain a banana bunch from the ground. Ok, now, the "O"s just up ahead, but don't rush or you'll taste the stinger of a Zinger. There's also a tire a few walks away, bring it along with you. As you can see, it has a dual purpose. First, to act as your springboard to reach the Star Barrel, and second, it'll enable you to reach a secret area. So keep moving it, and don't allow it to fall from the edge, instead, wait for the floating platform to descend and move the tire onto it. Use the tire to spring you upwards then move through what seems like a mirage wall. There's also a hidden banana bunch near the wall.

Bouncy BonanzaIn this secret area, you'll find an "N" guarded by a Zinger. Pass the Zinger, and trample the Kritter (it's guarding something), use Donkey Kong to shake the ground with his powerful Hand Slap, and reveal a banana bunch. The next area has a set of bananas and a DK Barrel, then it's followed by another Kritter guarded area. This one's guarding something too, so dispose of it and get the hidden item from the ground. Jump into the gap but stay on the right to find the hole in the wall. It leads to a secret room, however, it's not counted as one of those bonus rooms, although, the bonus room theme song plays in the background. You'll find Winky here. Hop your way until you get into an area with gaps. You have floating platforms with fixed tires on it, and as an addition to the challenge, a patrolling Zinger. Well, with Winky, you can stomp this pest. Use the tires to bounce your way to another ground. The next area is similar to the last one, but this time, with two Zingers patrolling each platform. The next ground has a fixed tire, and a DK Barrel guarded by another bee. If you move forward, you'll be in an area with one floating platform guarded by two bees. Becareful of this one, Winky may be able to stomp the bees, but, you might lose control and fall straight into the gap.

Bouncy BonanzaAfter crossing over, you'll be in another ground, ahead, is an area with Kritter guards, jumping and patrolling the humps. Note that each ledge contain a banana bunch. Dispose the Kritters, and grab the "G" letter along the way. As you move onward, you'll encounter another Zinger, and a tire, beat the Zinger. You may move the tire onto the floating platform up ahead. However, if you still have Winky, you won't be needing the tire anymore to bounce into the bonus barrel (Bonus room #12).

From the bonus room, you'll land near the exit. There's one hidden banana bunch here, get it before exiting.