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Donkey Kong Country - Stop & Go Station


Enemies: Klaptrap, Rockkroc
Bonus Rooms: 2 (13 and 14)
Animal Buddies: None
Difficulty: Average

Stop&Go StationThe Stage

A mine shaft filled with Rockkrocs. If there's one thing we like about this stage, it's the spectacular lights that fits the ambiance of this moody, and eerie place.

This also seems to be the only level in DKC where you'll find the game's indestructible adversary. The Rockkroc! Your jump attack cannot knock it out, your Roll/Cartwheel has no effect, Donkey's hand slap can't hurt it, and even the barrels are useless against them. Well, maybe, the TNT Barrels could destroy them, unfortunately, there are no dynamite barrels in here, and that, my friend, is trouble.


This is one of the stages with shortcuts. The shortcut is the mine entrance itself. However, you may not want to go in there, unless, you don't want to get to the bonus rooms.

Ok, so let's get on with the standard route. From the entrance, you walk a few steps forward, and tada.. a Klaptrap! Stomp it. A few more steps, and you'll witness a Rockkroc in action. It's fast and dangerous, however, you should know that they react to the lights, and that's what the switches are for! By the way, just below the "Go/Stop" switch is a hidden item. Touch the switch to turn the lights into red, this should make the Rockkroc hibernate. Now, you can run pass it until it wakes up, so move to the safer ground. Another switch is up ahead, activate it to pass the two Rockkrocs along the way. The next thing you should is move forward, avoid/kill the Klaptrap and hit the edge near the "K" kong letter as it hides a banana bunch. Now grab the floating "K" letter, don't worry, there are no Rockkrocs below, just a stationary tire that would enable you to bounce and reach the switch high above, between the gap. Transfer to the other ground while touching the switch in the air, and move quickly to the other ground before the Rockkrocs come to life. Kill the Klaptrap, move to the edge, and touch the switch so you can safely transfer onto the floating platform, and transfer to another ground. On the other ground, stomp the Klaptraps and touch the switch to deactivate the Rockkrocs on the next ground. Note that there's a banana bunch guarded by these Rockkrocs. It's in the middle portion. You can get it if you're fast enough. However, don't stay on this ground, keep running, jump over the gap while touching the switch in between, and move onto the floating platform. Wait for it to ascend high enough, and jump to the left to get an Expresso token. Touch the switch that's between the gap again, and move back to the floating platform. Use this to transfer to a higher ground. There's a DK Barrel in here and another switch.

Now, touch the switch and leap forward. Run pass the Klaptrap, and the Rockkrocs on the next ground. Move to a safe spot before resting. You'll find the "O" kong letter in between the gap. If you think that the bonus room is below, you're dead wrong! To get the "O" do an aerial Roll/Cartwheel, and jump to the next ground before you start falling. The next ground has a hidden item near the Star Barrel.

Stop and Go StationAfter touching the midpoint marker, jump onto the ground below and pick the barrel. Don't jump onto the lower ground or you'll be run over by a Rockkroc. Sneak up on this opponent, and touch the switch when he's away. Move quickly and smash the barrel into the tall wall to the right (Bonus room #13) before the guarding Rockkroc awakens.

You'll land on the higher ground, face a Klaptrap on the away, and meet more Klaptraps on a lower ground. The three floating bananas aligned vertically mark the entrance to a bonus room so do use it as your marker. Kill the Klaptrap trio, and slap the ground marked by the three vertical bananas, then get the tire up ahead. Move it to the left and into the spot where the three bananas float. Bounce on the tire to get into a hidden Bonus Barrel (Bonus room #14).

You'll land back onto the tire's position, bring the tire as you move along to use it for the switch. There's a hidden bunch of bananas near the edge. Kill the Klaptrap on the edge, and transfer from one floating platform to another as fast as you can until you reach the next hard ground.

The "N" kong letter's along the way, you can get it after stomping a few Klaptraps. The next platform has an aggressive Rockkroc on it. The switch is in the air, time your jump to make it into the platform after touching the switch, then wait for the next platform to come closer, and transfer until you get into the safe ground.

Stop&Go StationNow, you're near the exit, but, can you make it alive? The last area will pit you up against a series of Rockkrocs, you have to touch all the switches while running as fast as you can to survive this challenge. From our current location, move onto the switch when the enemies are away, keep running! The lights turn back to green fast. Touch the barrel along the way, bounce on the stationary tire to reach the floating switch high above the ground, land near the movable tire, push it until it reaches the next floating switch's position, then use it to bounce on and reach the switch. Move pass the Rockkrocs quickly to make it. Another banana bunch is hidden in the ground near the wall. Get the hidden item, grab the "G" and exit the stage. CONGRATULATIONS! You made it with your life!