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Donkey Kong Country - Mine Cart Carnage


Enemies: Krash
Bonus Rooms: 0
Animal Buddies: None
Difficulty: Average

Mine Cart CarnageThe Stage

This stage poses an elevated challenge. The mine cart riding, as you can see, is not easy. There are enough dangers here to cost you a life. It's fun, but it can make your little sister cry.


There are two ways to play this level: 1. The Hard way, or the 2. Easy way. The hard way is using the regular route, which of course, is long and perilous. The good thing of using this route though is that you can collect items, and the bad thing is that you might die. The easy way, however, is short and it's perfect for speed runs. It can make this level turn out very easy, but in return, you'll miss the fun and the icons. Ok, now let's start the walkthrough, shall we?

You start in the mine entrance, as you walk forward, you'll find a DK Barrel and a Cannon Barrel. The Cannon Barrel will launch you into a mine cart, which will immediately run upon riding. This is the regular route. If you wish to use the shortcut, however, you can find it by skipping the Cannon Barrel and jumping into the pit while hugging the wall to the left. A hidden Barrel Cannon will launch you to another cannon, which will launch you upwards. You'll land on a mine cart near the exit. A Krash is waiting for you there.

Now, assuming you take the regular route, the risky one.. The key to winning the track course is to know what's ahead, that way, you would be able to prepare for the unexpected. The track begins with a trail of bananas, get them of course. At the end is a gap, don't jump, your cart will leap by itself and land on the next track. There's another gap up ahead, and when you arrive at the spot, jump and grab the "K" letter.

The next track has an elevating rail, it will lead upwards then downward followed by a broken rail, which will require you to jump onto the next railway. The next railroad has two ways, one will lead to safety, and one will lead to your doom. Choose the upper track as pointed out by the banana trail. Now, you're in another track. The road up ahead is also broken, grab the 2 bananas as you transfer. Note that the following 2 tracks is short, and you may need to transfer to one after another at moment's notice. At the end of the 2nd short railroad is a curve railway, which will suddenly increase your cart's velocity. Prepare to leap onto another railway that's slightly higher than your ground. After transferring, prepare for another jump as this track's short, and so is the next.

On the next track, is a floating "O" letter. Let's make this track as your marker, for now. The track you're on now has an ascending rail, and a banana bunch at the track's end. You can get the banana bunch by timing your jump. First, allow yourself, as if, to fall, then, when you're about to fall, jump! You'll land on another track with a deadly gap at the end. The rail is ascending so your mine cart's speed is reduced, thus, making your next leap a dangerous one. Time your jump this time, and make sure you're on the absolute edge of the track before jumping to the next.

After surviving the stunt jump, you will be on the track leading to another gap. You have two choices here, but none may cost you a life. You can either jump and grab the Enguarde token on the floating track, or allow yourself to fall. Falling won't cost you a life as a hidden rail below will catch your cart. Now, you're on your way to the level's half point. Be sure to touch the Star Barrel on the way.

Mine Cart CarnageFrom the Star Barrel, you proceed on the railway with a tipped mine cart at the end. Jump over the mine cart or your buddy is history! You'll land on another rail with another tipped mine cart on the way. Jump over this one too and prepare to jump onto the floating short rail. Make sure to time your jump, and when you land, prepare for another jump in order to transfer to a longer track. Long it may be, but it has two tipped mine carts. One near the beginning of the track, and another at the end. The "N" letter is on the next track, slightly covered by the tipped mine cart. To get it, time your jump by jumping earlier while making sure that you do not touch the other mine cart.

Let's make the "N" kong letter as your next marker. From here on, jump over another mine cart. You'll land on a track. Transfer on the floating track found along the way to avoid collision with Krash. There's a floating banana bunch high above the screen on your way. Grab it! Next, jump earlier on the next edge, but make sure you'll reach the other track up ahead. There's a life balloon on the bottom road, but you won't be able to get it if you jump later, as the floating rail will catch you. After nabbing the icons, watch out for a Krash who will crash at you if you don't jump.

The next rail has two Krashs on it. The tip of the track is broken, but it won't require you to jump. You'll fall on a safe track, however, your safety is short lived as you may need to transfer to another track to avoid another gap. From this short track, jump onto the next and prepare for a jump as a Krash is at you for a surprise attack. The "G" letter is on the tip of this track. Jump when you get it to avoid the tipped mine cart on the beginning of the next track. Then, on the next following track, prepare for another jump. On another track, follow the trail of bananas to make it to the next floating track, then jump immediately to another. The next straight track is still short, so don't stay in there if you don't want to fall. The next track has a Krash on it, the following tracks are short, the first one is ascending, the second is descending. After passing these tracks, you're back on another one of those long tracks, there are two of those rail-loving Kremlings in here. The next track is short, followed by three short tracks with tipped mine carts on their tips, so time your jumps carefully.

Mine Cart CarnageAfter these tracks, you'll be on the final track. It may look safe but don't let your guard down. A Krash is waiting for you near the exit.