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Donkey Kong Country - Mine Cart Madness


Enemies: Gnawty, Krash, Necky, Zinger
Bonus Rooms: 3 (54, 55, and 56)
Animal Buddies: None
Difficulty: Average

Mine Cart MadnessThe Stage

A mine cart stage just like Mine Cart Carnage, but it plays a little differently. In this stage, your mine cart does not jump along with you, instead, you jump out of the mine cart. You don't also stick to just one mine cart, oftentimes, you need to jump out of your mine cart and transfer to another to avoid falling into the deeps of the mine.

This mine cart stage is a bit difficult compared to the previous one, but there's nothing our monkeys could not handle. Right?


Three Gnawties and a DK Barrel are on the starting platform, and once you
finish them off, you get to hop into your mine cart and start your wild ride.
You go up a small hill, and you will follow a Banana trail as you hop over a
Necky. After that, you can either hop on another Necky or simply ignore it, but do hop on the next hovering one to get into another mine cart.

In the second mine cart, hop into the incoming Necky and at the same time grab the floating "K" letter in the air, then prepare to jump in order to get into the rope found on top of the screen. After that, jump into the mine cart and ride your way through a trail of bananas, then jump again when you reach the point where the banana trail had been cut off. This will get you into Bonus Room no.54.

When you return to the level, you land into a mine cart, which will run you under a Necky. This Necky won't hurt you so you can ignore it, but do hop on the next two Neckys to grab the "O" letter from the air. Keep riding the mine cart even when it reaches the end of the track and fall. You will fall along with it, but as you fall below, you'll be able to spot another mine cart. Transfer into this mine cart in the neck of time. The mine cart will ride you through an Enguarde Token until the end of its track. Transfer to another mine cart by then.

The next mine cart has a short track, it will be followed by another mine cart that also has a short track so prepare for another transfer jump. The next mine will ride you into the star barrel, and from the star barrel you will fall into the track below where you will be meet by two Neckys. To elude them, jump to grab the bananas in the air, do the same with the other Necky. This will allow you to pass them without a fight. After that, prepare to jump into the next cart. Note that the following two carts have short tracks. The "N" can be found after the second cart. You have to ride the second cart and allow it to fall along with you for a split second, then jump before it hits the bottom. This will allow you to grab the letter and get into another mine cart.

When you are coming up the next hill, prepare to hop onto the tire that is floating in the air so you can bounce into Bonus Room #55!

When you return, you'll land on a tire, so hop over to your next mine cart, and be ready to hop in between two Zingers. Do not jump too high or too low. At the end of the track, hop to the grounded tire that's guarded by a Zinger, move quickly, hop and grab the "G" as you hop to the next mine cart.

Ride the next mine cart, hop to the Tire, immediately hop to the next mine
cart to avoid being stung by another bee. This next mine cart has a very short track, leap to the grounded Tire before it falls. Now, time your jump to avoid another Zinger. Transfer to the next tire and jump onto Krash's head to knock him off the cart. His cart will be yours. Ride the cart, and time your jump at the end of the track to avoid the annoying Zinger. Land into the tire and jump onto another Krash to steal his vehicle. The cart will move uphill and you will be encountering three Zingers along the way. You have to hop over them, but timing is key. At the end of the road, transfer into another Krash-occupied cart. Ride the mine cart and jump onto a Necky to grab the banana bunch in the air. After that, quickly leap onto a tire and fall through the trail of bananas, you'll land onto a Krash and take over his mine cart. This mine cart is the final ride, it'll climb a high uphill and suddenly accelerates in speed as it moves downhill. Jump to follow the banana trail to land into the hanging platform.

You may have seen a launcher barrel as the final cart moved uphill, this is your next target. Move to the left and bounce on the tires to get into the barrel.

From the bonus room, you'll land onto a Gnawty. All that's left to do is finish the level.