Sites of Interest


Donkey Kong Country - Poison Pond


Enemies: Bitesize, Chomps Jr., Squidge
Bonus Rooms: 0
Animal Buddies: Enguarde
Difficulty: Hard

The Stage

Poison pond is polluted and filled with poisonous (toxic) substances, but it's a good thing that our monkey heroes are immune to it, and can swim the stage as if they wear protective suits or else.. say good bye to those furs!

This is the only underwater level in the game that has a green foggy background, that is of course, because of those toxic wastes that the slimy Kremlings had dumped into the water. You can't get harmed by the pollutants, but there are plenty of dangers here that can be worse than those things. There are unfriendly inhabitants here that doesn't like your presence, but to top that, the Kremlings had also set their machine traps to mince you, yes, the mincers are here, and they are pretty dangerous. You can often lose a monkey because of these suckers.


Right at the beginning, head left while crawling on the bottom floor to swim through what seems to be an illusion wall. Enguarde's waiting for you at the other side. When you come out from the secret room, swim directly upwards until you get the "K" letter hidden in a lonely corner.

Now, you swim right pass three Bitesizes. Keep heading right to enter a corner guarded by a Chomps Jr., there's a banana bunch at the dead end. After retrieving your precious bananas, go up into the vertical shaft. When you arrive on top, you'll easily spot a path on the upper left corner. Another banana bunch can be found at the very end of it, but, while it may seem like no one's guarding it, be prepared for a sudden attack from a Chomps Jr. that will come out from the left wall. Another Chomps Jr. from the right may also join in, so fight your way through. After your short battle, move out of that corner.

Head right, and you'll encounter a Mincer that moves up and down. You can pass this one easily, but don't attack it or it'll grind your animal buddy's nose. After the Mincer, a Squidge may swim on your path so be alert. Your next obstacle is a double Mincer that also moves on your path. Just follow the banana trail to pass this one. Now, you are put into another vertical shaft, but before that, you may want to grab that banana bunch in the corner. You have to be quick to get it though or the fast moving mincer will grind you into fine sheets. Using Enguarde's charge when the mincer is away usually does the trick as it allows you to jet forward. Once you grab the bananas, go up the vertical pathway and watch out for the bitesize above. A Mincer follows, this time, moving on a horizontal plane. Just rise quickly to pass it. Then, be prepared to pass another one. Above, a bitesize may suddenly appear so stay alert.

From the vertical shaft, head left to find two Squidges, and then a stationary mincer. Do not rush to pass it as another mincer patrols over it. Wait for the top mincer to pass then pass the stationary one. Proceed to hug the bottom wall and head to the left to find another stationary mincer. Wait for the moving mincer to pass again before passing that other stationary one, then move cautiously through the pathway as there are bitesizes coming your way. Following them, are two Mincers found in the next area. These two move in a horizontal plane, but they move in opposite direction to one another. So, to pass them, pass in between them. After passing the mincers, watch out for the Squidges. Grab the "O" as you ascend the vertical tunnel.

Above, you are greeted by more squidges, and after that, another mincer blocks your path. To pass it, move through the tunnel when it's away. The Star Barrel is up ahead.

Destroy the Halfway Barrel and proceed right. There's a Mincer along the way that comes out from a hole in the ground. In that same hole, a banana bunch can be found. Move into the hole to get the item and stay low, the Mincer won't touch you, wait for it to rise then quickly get out of that place. There's another Mincer up ahead that also moves into the hole, there's also a banana bunch in that hole. Use the same trick to get the banana bunch. However, getting out of there is a little bit harder compared to the last one. When you go out, prepare for a greeting from a Bitesize. Now, instead of following the trail of bananas, you should check the right corner area. The path leading below leads to an area guarded by Mincers, while the straight path to the right pits you directly against Chomps Jr.. The two paths mentioned actually leads to one and the same secret area, but if you don't have Enguarde, it's more likely that you will have to take the lower path (with the Mincers) to reach the area. There's an Enguarde Crate in there. However, if you already have Enguarde, just follow the banana trail.

Above, a Mincer patrols your path. When, it's away (at the far left), head right and prepare to meet 2 more of those bitesizes. You would normally pass in between them, but if they are in your way, don't hesitate to prick them with Enguarde's nose. There's a DK barrel in this room, found at the bottom right, bust it open if you need a kong, otherwise, head upwards into the upper path but as always - do not rush! (The golden rule of this stage). There are three Mincers in the next room and they are moving in a circling pattern. Swim to the center of their circle. Now, check the roof of the room, there's a depreciated portion if you've noticed. Move into that portion to discover that it's actually one of those faker walls. Move upwards into a secret room where you'll find a Rambi Token. Now, move back into the center of the circling Mincers and head to the right, then immediately proceed to the lower corner. If you don't, a Mincer will surely dismount you from Enguarde. Wait for the Mincer to pass then move into the upper corner with the "N". Wait for the Mincer to pass again before moving out.

The next area has another set of those circling Mincers, get into the center just as you did with the first, and head to the middle portion of the left wall. You'll pass through the wall and into a secret area with the Expresso Token. There's a launcher barrel at the end, which will launch you outside.

Outside, wait for the Mincers to come out, and when it does, race to the top, and turn towards the trail of bananas.

In the next area, you will be pitted against a swarm of bitesizes. Some of these denizens move at fast speeds that even with Enguarde, it's still hard to pass them unharmed. The "G" letter can be found along the way and the exit, just up ahead. You should also watch out of the Mincers near the exit.