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Donkey Kong Country - Millstone Mayhem


Enemies: Kritter, Krusha, Gnawty (on a millstone), Necky, Slippa, Zinger
Bonus Rooms: 3 (15, 16, and 17)
Animal Buddies: Winky
Difficulty: Average

Millstone MayhemThe Stage

Millstone mayhem is an temple ruin level with plenty of adventure. The stage may look gorgeous, but its difficulty is not for the timid of heart. This stage offers many types of denizens for the mix up mayan adventure, that's, of course, not complete without traps.


Upon entering this level, immediately use the ground Tire to jump high to the left and over the entrance to the roof of the structure. Then, jump into the Barrel that is just visible on the top of the screen (only part of the bottom rim is visible), this enters you into Bonus Room #15! Remember to get the "K" contained within the Bonus Room (Please use the Bonus Room Guide for more info).

Now, when you land there will be a DK Barrel, so pick it up, and bust it if you need the other Kong. Move left and onto the 2nd step of the ground forming a stairway, use DK's slap to reveal a bunch of bananas. Head right, avoid the Millstone Gnawty, and jump into the pit. You will find a cannon barrel in it, which will launch you upwards. Direct yourself over the suspicious looking ground that looks like a patch, well actually, it is a patch that hides a rubber tire.

Roll this tire along as you deal with a Kritter and a Millstone Gnawty. By the way, the edge of the ground near the "O" kong letter has a hidden item. Make sure to grab the "O" as you move to a part where the path dips, and a Millstone Gnawty patrols back and forth. Position the tire before the Gnawty and use it to bounce into the visible Cannon Barrel to enter Bonus Room #16!

You'll be cannoned back to the ground, head right.. pick the TNT Barrel as you pass a millstone gnawty. Keep lifting the TNT Barrel and avoid the Krushas on the way. Bring the TNT to the right wall underneath a Gnawty-driven millstone to reveal a secret hole (Bonus room #17).

Upon returning to the ground, head right, and you'll find a pit filled with hopping Kritters. Knock all of them, and slap the middle of the pit to reveal a banana bunch. Keep moving and you'll be right at the center of the stage.

Millstone MayhemFrom the Star Barrel's location, move on, jump over a gap, pass another one of those naughty Gnawties, jump over another gap, and aim for the patch. Position the tire at the other end, bounce pass over the Millstone Gnawty, and into the floating platform above. The path leads to your buddy, Winky.

From the top floor, move to the ground floor and grab the "N". Move back to the left and dispose of the snakes, then slap the middle of that snake pit. Now, head right and jump over the gap, pass the Gnawty by jumping over it (you may need to time the jump), move to the stairway, and watch out for a nut throwing Necky. Note that below the Necky is a hidden item. Kill/ignore the Necky, and move forward. You'll be right on an area with a patrolling Millstone Gnawty. The pits below have bananas, but they also have snakes. Winky can stomp the snakes and squash them but do watch out for the patrolling Gnawty. You might bounce high enough for Gnawty to grind you. However, you can always jump over Gnawty, just to let you know.

Now, move on. You'll find another nut-throwing Necky, the "G"s on top of him. Remove the bird from his place, and slap the ground below him for another hidden item. The next area has another patrolling Gnawty, move into the pit below but watch out! Slippas will join you. It's best to get off Winky, and do a Roll/Cartwheel attack to dispatch them, as using Winky will put you at risk from Gnawty's reach. As you move on, there will be another Millstone Gnawty patrolling a gap. Switch to Diddy, ride Winky, and time your jump with Gnawty's ascension to pass him unscathed, however, note that you still have a high chance of getting hit and losing Winky this way. Now, you have one final Millstone to pass, use the tire to bounce pass this one.

Millstone MayhemYou're now almost close to the exit. But before that, you might want to grab the banana bunches on top of a Zinger that flies inside the gap. You need Winky to do the trick as he can bounce on bees, otherwise, forget it! These bananas are not worth dying for.