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Donkey Kong Country - Ropey Rampage


Enemies: Army, Kritter, Zinger
Bonus Rooms: 2 (3 and 4)
Animal Buddies: None
Difficulty: Easy

Ropey RampageThe Stage

This stage is ranked as easy only (not very easy) due to the fact that the action takes place on top of the trees, and navigating through this environment can not be so easy, not to mention the rain, and the poor visibility of this level. Added to the level's difficulty is the usage of ropes for crossing. Its swaying motion gives room for error, and if you're not yet oriented to this situation, you'll fall to your doom.

The denizens on this stage are not so easy to dispose of either. Army's rolling attack could bounce off Diddy to his doom if you're not careful. The zingers are also a pain, they serve as additional obstacle to your rope travels. However, this stage could orient you to some of the basics of gameplay, it is a good training ground to practice on those rope jump timing skills that you may need to master for the more advance stages later in this game.

As for the graphics, there is a nice effect near the exit, a sudden transition from rainy/stormy to a calm weather occurs. That's an awesome effect for a 16 bit game.


The first thing to do in this stage is move onto the treetops, once you have move to the end of the ones you can see, do an aerial roll and jump to reach the top of another tree where you'll obtain some banana bunches. From there, jump down and grab the "K" kong letter.

Dodge or kill the Army awaiting you at the bottom, move back to the platforms to get the bananas. There is a hidden bunch of bananas in each platform, use Donkey's Hand Slap to reveal it. Now move towards the edge and climb the rope and onto the treetop. Kill/Dodge the army you'll encounter, and use Donkey's Hand Slap on the branches to reveal hidden banana bunches, there's at least three of them. Now, move onto the next ground, climb the rope, and move onto the higher platform. Toss the DK Barrel, and perform another Hand Slap to reveal another bunch of bananas. Move on and you should see a slanting rope. This rope will swing you to and fro once you get on it, use this to grab the Rambi token on top of the tree then allow yourself to fall on the ground below. There is a concealed banana bunch in the middle. Now move on. There's another rope by the ledge, swing yourself to the treetops. These trees also hold concealed items so do the usual Hand Slap technique on these threes. Next, grab the "O" kong letter, and let yourself fall into the small gap in between your tree and the next one, you will land into a Barrel Cannon, which will blast you to a series of bananas and into the secret room (Bonus room #3). You'll find the "N" on the way out of the room.

Ropey RampageFrom the bonus room, you'll blast through a wall at extreme velocity, hit a Kritter, and land onto a patch, revealing a tire. Move the tire at the root of the tree, kill Army, and use the tire to bring yourself on top of the tree. From this tree, do a ground smash move to destroy the patch below and reveal another one of those glittering animal tokens. Directly below the patch, you can also find a hidden banana bunch.

Now move onto the next rope, and be prepared for a stunt. You'll swing through a series of ropes, carefully time your jump in between ropes, and avoid the pacing Zingers on the way. A quick transfer from one rope to another usually works. When you reach the next ground, dispose of the Kritter, and jump into the small gap in between grounds to launch yourself to Bonus room no.4.

ropey rampageFrom the bonus room, you'll fall from the sky. Now, don't think that the cannon barrel is still on that gap, jumping into it spells instant death. Now go get a move on. Kill the Army on your way, and in case you didn't know, the Army's guarding something underground. Get the floating "G" on top of the tree, move onto another tree, and switch to Diddy. Do an aerial cartwheel then jump onto the unreachable treetop to the left. Move to the next tree, to get another banana bunches. Now, exit the stage.