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Donkey Kong Country - Jungle Hijinx


Enemies: Gnawty, Klump, Kritter, Necky
Bonus Rooms: 2 (1 and 2)
Animal Buddies: Rambi
Difficulty: Very Easy

Jungle HijinxThe Stage

This stage is very easy, a perfect stage to practice your characters' move, most especially the Roll/Cartwheel, and Jump attacks. There's also plenty of banana bunch and life balloons for you to pick up here. Stuck up on extra lives for a good start, this is the right place to earn them.

The jumanji theme of this level perfectly fits the jungle environment. There's plenty of cute scenes to find, just look at the gorgeous background, there's even a transition event here where the day changes from dusk to night. Great!


You start the stage from Donkey's tree house. Our heroic action star busts out of the tree house, rolling onto the ground. The first thing you should do is to reenter the tree house. Inside, you'll see Donkey's room and a floating life balloon at the ceiling. Grab the balloon by bouncing on the tire then get out of the room.

Now move out of the tree house. Outside, move on top of the tree, and do a Donkey Kong Hand Slap to reveal a hidden banana bunch, move onto the next tree and you should see a group of floating bananas pointing downwards. Follow the trail and you should land on a patch, and reveal a Metal Keg. You may wonder why there's a hidden metal keg. The reason is obvious, it's for you to ride on. Throw the keg on the wall to the very left to start spinning it. Riding this will lead you to bonus room #1, however, you would skip the powerups that way, so we suggest you not to ride. By the way, there's also a bunch of bananas hidden near the patch that's hiding the Metal Keg. Now get the DK Barrel and smash it to get your buddy, switch to Diddy and climb back the tree near the tree house, move onto the next tree, then run and do an Aerial Cartwheel following with an aerial jump to reach another tree to the right. Next, move onto another tree and you should see a floating banana bunch. Get the bunch of bananas, and look down below. You should see the "K" kong letter. Move down the tree to grab it, but watch out of the Kritter that's guarding it. A banana bunch is also hidden directly below the letter, slap the ground to reveal it. Now, with Diddy, move onto the tree using the platform you're on. A floating red balloon will become visible once you're on the tree. Grab the balloon before it floats away and move to the left "twin" tree. Switch to Donkey, and perform a Hand Slap to reveal another banana bunch. Now, proceed on the trees to the right and onto another dual tree, another banana bunch is hidden in it. From that tree, switch back to Diddy, and perform another aerial cartwheel and aerial jump to reach the trees over the distance, where, a red life balloon awaits you. Know that the tree you are now on also hides a banana bunch. Move onto the next tree and do another aerial cartwheel and jump to reach another tree with a green life balloon on top. Below that tree is the Star Barrel. You're now half way of the level, and you kinda miss one floating banana bunch, that is since you kinda stick on the trees, anyway, you can move back to get it if you want to, it's in between the two platforms each guarded by a Kritter. The platforms also has a hidden banana bunch in each of them. Below these two platforms, you can find two more banana bunches, let Donkey reveal them.

Jungle HijinxFrom the Star Barrel, get the "O" kong letter on sight and proceed right, into your next destination. There's a Necky that throws nuts along the way, and it's guarding an Expresso token. Dispose of the Necky and hit his platform to get another banana bunch. A few steps more, and you should see Rambi's crate. Jump on it to unleash Rambi then ride on him to charge at those Gnawties guarding the "N" letter, keep moving right, and charge at the wall along the way to open it (Bonus room 1).

From the bonus room, you'll punch through the wall and onto the top of the tree where the "G" letter floats. One of the trees you landed has a hidden item in it as well. From that tree, move to the left in order to fall on the ground below. Now, head right towards the wall to punch a hole on it (Bonus room 2).

From the bonus room, proceed right, but don't get too excited or you may fall on the hole in the ground.

Near the arrow sign is a hidden banana bunch, get off Rambi and let Donkey slap it out of the ground.

Jungle HijinxWhen nearing the exit, an event will occur where night will begin to fall. Before exiting the level, go on top of the green tree and try to reach the trees on the left. They have a floating banana bunch on top of them. Get the banana bunch and exit the level.