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Donkey Kong Country - Winky's Walkway


Enemies: Kritter, Gnawty, Necky, Zinger
Bonus Rooms: 1 (10)
Animal Buddies: Winky
Difficulty: Easy

Winky's WalkwayThe Stage

This level takes place on a rickety old scaffolding, high above the mines' floor. It could have been very easy if not for the danger presented by the gaps, which you have to cross in order to transfer from one platform to another. This is also where Dumb Drum shows its first appearance. There are five hidden bunches here too, the first one is in the first elevating walkway, the second is under the Winky crate platform, the third is just below the Star Barrel, the fourth is on a hanging platform next to a horizontal flying Necky, and the final bunch is next to a Dumb Drum near the exit.


You start the walkway and is greeted by a Kritter, greet him back with your Roll/Cartwheel attack then hit the middle of the elevating platform with the Hand Slap. Just up ahead is a floating Necky, follow the trail of bananas and bounce on the Necky's head to get the "K" kong letter. Now get the DK barrel and break it. Thrash the Kritters that gets in your way, and bounce on a Necky to get onto another platform safely.

Winkys WalkwayThere are two Neckies on the next platform, and they are guarding a crate that contains Winky the Frog. Bounce on one of the vultures to spring yourself onto the higher platform. Bounce on the crate and free Winky, then take a ride. By the way, just below Winky's platform, is another hidden bunch of bananas.

Now getting into the stage's half point should be a breeze, don't forget to grab the "O" kong letter along the way. Touch the Star Barrel when you reach it. Hit the ground below the Star Barrel too for a reward. With Winky's high jumps, reaching heights and long distances won't be a problem. Now get into the next platform and bust the Gnawties. Up ahead, you'll discover that this endless number of Gnawties actually came from a drum. It's Dumb Drum! You can't destroy it, but it can't harm you either, save for the Gnawties it spawns, so just ignore it and proceed on your course. The following platform has a visible Bonus Barrel (Bonus room #10) that's guarded by a Necky. If you have Winky, you can reach the barrel with your high jump, if not, you can use the Necky to bounce on. The "N" should be in the bonus room.

After the bonus, you land near a dumb drum. Ignore it, move to another platform, collect the bananas, and move to the next platform. While on this hanging platform, slap the left edge to get a banana bunch, then bounce on the Necky to transfer to another platform, where an Expresso token can be found. It's guarded by a hyper Zinger, so you need Winky to knock it out of the way. If you do have Winky, simply jump on the wasp, then grab the icon.

winky's walkwayNow, on your way, you should see another Necky flying up and down in between the gaps. Use this Necky to reach the "G" kong letter up in the air, but if you have Winky, of course, that won't be necessary. Now, you have to cross over another Gnawty spawning drum, and get into another platform. But before transferring platforms, check Dumb Drum's right with DK's slap. We no need tell you that the next thing you should do is exit the stage.