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Donkey Kong Country - Overview

Donkey Kong Country is a video game developed by Rare (formerly Rareware) for the SNES (Super Nintendo Entertainment System) in 1994. The game was taken from the original Donkey Kong which debuted on the NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) game console. The game remained to be a side-scroller or a platformer in which you control your hero character in an environment that scrolls left, right, or left and right. In the case of Donkey Kong Country, the game can scroll left or right, which allows you to advance or return to previously visited areas of the level. The game is also rendered in 3D (3-dimensional), although a platformer, the sprites are gorgeously designed in 3D SGI (Silicon Graphics Image).

The game still retains some of its old theme, for instance, barrels were part of the old Donkey Kong sequels, and it is still present in this game. The old Donkey Kong, however, has been replaced by a modern age Donkey Kong. The old Donkey Kong is still in the game though, he is now under the character, Cranky Kong. A few new characters were also added, to name a few - Candy Kong (a female kong), Funky Kong (a funky-looking ape), Diddy Kong (a kong who resembles Donkey Kong Jr.), and a few more others who'll you'll meet in the game as you progress through the levels.


The game is pretty cool for a 16-bit game. Using the latest state-of-the-art SGI technology, the SNES processing capability is tested. The game features some cool 3D rendered sprites that are able to move in a 3D rendered environment.


Donkey Kong Country elicits an excellent jungle themed music that perfectly matched the levels or the environments. For instance, in a jungle level, a Jumanji-like soundtrack is played, perfectly matching the jungle ambient. In an underwater level, the soundtrack is also pretty cool with a graceful ambient suited for an underwater stage. The monkey voices also sound like those of the chimps. They bring sense of reality to a game with monkeys and apes for characters.


The gameplay is great, it gets a good replay value because of the bonus room additions. You cannot finish the game completely if you do not find all the bonus rooms hidden masterfully within each level, therefore, you may need to play the game again in order to find them all.